How much for a digital download...?


I don’t know about danielm but I can vouch for bakamomo. He’s my friend & we communicate pretty regularly outside of this board. I’m pretty damn sure that he’s not Ryan Adams.


Ryan Adams would never cosplay as having a successful marriage and children.


I like a few of the songs (Rollercoaster, In the Blue of the Night, In the Meadow, Run, This is Your House, and At Home With The Animals), though it seems, just like the Chris album, that it’s got that distinctive RA mastering where the drums punch you in the face and the cheap acoustic guitar sound is also very present. Which is weird, because I remember reading about Strangers Alamanac, and apparently the acoustic guitar on that is some cheap $100 thing they bought on the spot because of course the good one(s) were trashed when they needed them, yet it sounds beautiful.

Or maybe I’ve crossed over into Snob Land since I bought my Gibson and Cordoba acoustics.

Anyway, another relatively uneven album that has a lot of good songs, but could be maybe half the length with some more polished production.

PS: I heard In the Meadow (was it in this thread?) was one of the last Cardinal songs; it’s a nice jam, but I can’t for the life of me follow what RA is singing – like it doesn’t fit the clearly more jammy sound of the music.


sorry to disappoint, I’m not Ryan. Was just giving my two cents on a Cardinals track as there was a thread asking about unreleased material. Understand Ryan is no longer enjoyed on these boards, he hasn’t been for some time. I just periodically check in to see what hate is being peddled on his new stuff, some perspective and check out the new music suggestions.


Nah, I am not Ryan. I just stated that “In the Blue of the Night” is a mighty fine turd and that there are some great songs on the album, but that it does not work as a double. My opinion pretty much lines up with Nebulance’s.

However, there is another dude on the forum who is middle-aged and has stated that he has an ex-wife. Do not know if he jogs specifically, but he claims to be exercising a lot. Also pours a praise over a lot of promising young female country artists. His negativity might be a smoke-screen. Mr Adams’ predatory strategies might have evolved.


Well, I should have known that you shouldn’t joke about someone being Ryan Adams.




not really. i am trying and listening. just not inspired by it like i am other artists, currently.

but it’s cool if you like it! :slight_smile:

thanks for sharing it.


A certain someone in recluse seems to currently be hounded by a female stalker. I know y’all are tactful and gentle souls who would never make disrespectful jokes about such a thing so I thought that I’d just put it out there.


Can you post here what was posted in the Superfans group?


Hm, dunno how the legalities concerning these things work – the first name of the person in question is mentioned and I do not want to draw unwanted attention to the forum. Superfans is closed and we are open (google works). But as soon as I see an external link I will post that.


So this FM album he just put out is pretty good; feels like the second half of Big Colors in some sense – so back on the 80s production train. Standouts for me are Fantasy File, Hall of Shame, and Do You Feel.


Okay, I turned on Fantasy File and was able to listen to it for 30 seconds before I had to turn it off. The first thing that came to mind was this:


Agree. I also like “Wild and Hopeless” and “I Want You”. Honestly think that you could put together a great album if you used the strongest 80s sounding tracks from Big Colors and Romeo & Juliette and kept the album length down to about 40 minutes. But that is just my personal preferences/perversions speaking.


I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the initial inspiration for this song :joy:

@bakamomo I’d certainly agree with that; in the past I’d get “annoyed” at such comments with the usual thought “more is better, how cool is this?!”, but I’ve thought a lot about it (probably way too much) in the past, and I’d say it’s true. For example, if you took the best parts of Easy Tiger and Cardinology, you’d probably end up with a really great album. Instead, I felt like we got two middle-of-the-road albums that kind of became the norm since then. Maybe I’m just heavily spoiled/biased because of the Cold Roses/JCN/29 releases in 2005. Not that I’d ever expect that kind of run ever again – even in terms of style. I suppose he doesn’t want to be pigeon-holed into that sound – but then again, one can argue he’s doing it to himself with this 80s sound anyway. I guess we have our preference for where we want to be pigeon-holed :joy:

We’re coming up on about 8 years of this 80s thing (if we start that clock at the S/T release). Perhaps he’ll look at some new direction some time – not that I’d ever expect to see some massive left turn like Radiohead into experimental/ambient land.


Yes, or else this:


That is no way to sell anyone on an album.


Sorry. This whole thing sounds like a work. I’ve read it. There are too many flags. Not redacting the woman’s first name before sharing posting this online is the first. Secondly, Ryan tasks his drummer with evaluating a stalker? His security is a drummer? Def Leppard would be fucked. Also, this email reads like it was always going to be made public. I’m sorry, it really sounds like he’s trying to get out in front of something tthat would be potentially harmful to Ryan. It’s all so weird and clunky.

If Ryan was legitimately stalked and harrassed, I apologize. No one should have to go through that.




People still listen to this joker?