How much for a digital download...?


Yeah, sounds like I was right. He’s trying to get out of in front of something…

I’m only posting her name because the “stalker” went public and disputes all of this.


That a man-child in his late forties with questionable grooming habits and a long list of accusations of sexual improprieties continues to find women in their 20s and 30s who want to sleep with him is sort of bizarre.


“If Ryan was legitimately stalked and harrassed, I apologize. No one should have to go through that.”

No, he should be.


Well, it’s not if you look into her story. Ryan’s camp is trying to dismiss her as a misguided fan when in fact he met her working on his music video in 2020. He directed the music video himself and she was hired through her management company. In the year of 2020 this was the only job that she booked. There’s not only a lack of any historical context on her part, but also a massive power imbalance even outside of the 16 year age gap. Basically he did what NYT accused him of doing and he’s worried he’ll get outted for it before his PR machine can shill that he spent the last year sober and working on himself and is now dating a D list actress who is the same age as him, but only after the AA advice to be single for one year.


No wonder he likes her, her ‘trade mark’ list on IMDB is basically made up of Ryan song themes/titles.



And yeah, I’m leaning to her side given the available evidence.

I do not however care for her use of the term ‘sheeple.’


Good thing that employment figures are holding steady then.


Everything I need to know


Oh I think he has the “grooming” thing down!


All I want, all I want, all I want is a girl
Someone that cares enough about me
That she refuses to react
When I act like I don’t care about her
Ice-packs for my shiners
Valium for my nerves
Someone smart enough to put me back together
Or dumb enough, it’s simple, it’s late and still debatable


Maybe he should plays this on the current tour. It doesn’t look like there will be too many people in attendance here in Chicago, based on the Ticketmaster numbers.


These are 2500-3000 seat places and he’s sold out none of them.


And tickets on the floor at the Chicago Theater are $40-50, which is cheap.


When I fired up my fbook I was reminded that I have a “friend” who is a super fan. The videos. Yeesh.




[bad Ry-Ry joke deleted – I am trying to become a better man, at least sometimes]




Yeah one of him doing karaoke during the show. It’s awful.


oh god