How much for a digital download...?


Who’s knows? I move in sensual ways too.



I am also very beautiful. At least, that is what my mommy says.


More baby talk could help.




Takes one to know one


I gotta make my last stand
This time I can’t be bought
Then again on the other hand
How much have you got




While it’s generally interesting to hear more Cardinals-era stuff since that was my favorite period of his by far, I’m over it at this point – maybe because of the whole teasing Blackhole for tens of years (!) and nothing happening; more than anything though, those albums tend to be frozen in time for me around when they came out to about 2010 or so. I went back to listen to Cold Roses and JCN recently, maybe a few months ago; of course they’re still great albums, but there’s something about it that doesn’t translate to current day for me.

Maybe I’ve changed; I suppose at least musically that’s true, the stuff I listen to now is honestly more broad than it ever was in 2005–2010; I’d say that’s probably a good thing.



Fully respect your point of view, but for me it is just phases and stages when it comes to the Cardinals.


Yeah, certainly – I get it, and I’m sure I’ll be interested to hear it. Maybe because it was all I listened to back then is why I don’t mind if he releases something now or not – maybe I just saturated myself.

It’s also bothered me how he goes out of his way to trash random parts of his career/past albums/collaborations based on whatever he’s into at the moment; for instance, his insistence on hating country music, despite JCN being a very country album, and a lot of Heartbreaker.


pretty sure ryan won’t be on the same level of clouds when he goes…neal’s way the fuck above him.


takes one to blow one.


It takes two, at least that is what Marvin and Tammi sang.



At least his latest one is free…


is it any good?


To be honest it’s got its moments. Only listened through once but didn’t hate it.


The recordings seems to be from around S/T.



this is nothing “good” or special. it’s the same stale lyrics and sound.