How much for a digital download...?


Hard pass.


This one better than S/T. On the other hand, every single album in his catalogue is.


This is a very interesting take….


I was able to listen to S/T all the way through at least once, which is more than I can say for any of the albums since then.


The way I see it, the things he has released in the 2020s is not to be viewed as proper albums, at least in the old school sense. It is more like he is portioning out a 20:20-ish box – he has pretty much started to release all the recordings in the vaults from about 2014 and onwards. So the stuff is somewhere in between proper album material to Demolition- or Sad Dracula-ish stuff. What is left are among others the Haywire album (Glynn Johns), about an albums worth of material from Big C/Wednesdays (with some bangers, I reckon) and Blackhole 2016 (or at least one incarnation of it). Plus 1985 and some random stuff and the Tom Schick 2010 double album and the pre-A&F recordings. We will probably get the more country-ish stuff next year - and new recordings.


I’d rather listen to cunt farts than Ryan Adams if these were my only options.


At this point, I dare say the version of RA that captivated me in the first place (basically up through 29) is probably just a distant memory at this point – I don’t see him being able to relinquish turning up the reverb/80s up to 11. And if The Cardinals are in fact reincarnated some time in the next year, I really can’t see it being interesting if it’s just reinterpreting those kinds of songs (Cold Roses, JCN, etc) as if they were written in the 80s.

I downloaded this Devolver thing, and didn’t even turn it on when I got home from work. I’ll see if my interest is piqued today – perhaps he’s over-saturating the market at this point with releasing a whole bunch of halfway decent albums in one year. It’s cool to see it all, but maybe just put out a box set all at once.


Hey, that is misogynist – and both those alternatives sound like way better than Post Malone.


It’s no 2005 for sure.


I’d much rather listen to Post Malone, even his farts, more than anything RA post-2006.

His personal issues have is some way obscured his 16 years of rank mediocrity, so I bring it up here to make sure it is accounted for.


I appreciate the warning :joy:

I just turned it on. I’ve noticed something in a lot of these albums in the past 5 years – they tend to start as if you walked in on a band practicing; almost like a cold open, or they’re not ready for you to hear what they’re clearly still ironing out.

I know it’s an old argument – but seriously, if he just chose the 10, or at most 12, best out of this mountain of output this year, it would go over a lot better. There’s about 3 or 4 songs per album that I come back to generally.

Also – Stare at the TV. This one is so bad.

But just to balance out my comments, I actually like pretty much all of Big Colors, and there’s some really nice ones on FM (Fantasy File, Hall of Shame, Fairweather) and Romeo & Juliet (Run,. This is Your Home, At Home With The Animals).

Update: Just finished it. I suppose I’m glad it was free – I’d say Free Your Self was the most interesting thing happening here. Some flourishes on some songs of interesting guitar, but clearly nothing jumps out. When I listen to a new album, I go through it (ideally) in one sitting, then jump back to my favorites that stood out. It looks like I might just go back to other things :joy:


Isn’t that what most of this thread is?


Love that Ryan has to beg his fans to heart his insta vids….Ryan posted this:


Next up: please buy some tickets to my shows to #fuckthesystem.


Music is my whole life, except the whole grooming thing I sometimes do


He erased his own stupid self.


Most of all by releasing shitty music for a decade now.


I find this instagram post so pathetic on so many levels;

  1. Granted I’m not an artist posting to IG, so I don’t know how it works, but I find it suspicious that he’s being “erased” because no one’s “hearting” his posts. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard – my IG is still active and I haven’t posted in over a year. I’m going to wager a guess that IG isn’t monitoring his popularity to delete him from existence if he doesn’t hit some weird quota. Maybe it drives sales from IG? Again, not sure how “influencers” make money off of IG, but I’ll estimate RA isn’t that business savvy to have figured this out on his own.

  2. Given his stature as a rather well-known artist, he shouldn’t have to rely on IG to stir excitement over the music. But as others here have said, he’s erased himself with shitty behavior + shitty musical output in the past 10–15 years.

Also: His comments about “dribble on the radio”. Who still listens to the radio for music? Even for myself, who was very late to the game of giving into streaming (I use Apple Music, finally), got out of the radio game as soon as I got an iPod – so, nearly 20 years ago? And the diversity of my music collection has skyrocketed – largely because I left radio behind. Of course, this is something of a tangent.


I listen to our local station here called the trail

It has tons of great music and radio programs it plays


Fair enough – I suppose where I grew up in NY the radio was super repetitive and I didn’t find much in the way of new artists when I was in HS.