HULU? Worth it? Who uses it?


I’ve looked but it just seems to be crap TV shows with few exceptions (Fargo). Am I missing something?

In general I don’t watch episodic TV drama like Chicago Hope or Sons of Anarchy. Is there much value here for me?


I just DL whatever it is that I want to watch so I wouldn’t know.
I don’t know anybody who uses it, either.


I wouldn’t peg you as someone interested in anything created by ABC, NBC, or CBS content, which I think is what HULU mainly offers.


No, my sister cut the cable company out and signed up for Hulu to stream the shows but it did not last long. A lot of shows on the networks she watched on cable weren’t available on Hulu so she went back to cable after a few months.


I have access to it and I rarely open the app or whatever. When I do, I end up doing a little bit of searching only to realize that none of the programming or movies interest me. But I also don’t care for most scripted television and the movies they have available are usually available on other platforms that I do use on the regular.


i have it.

my kids love it. i rarely use it…i find that it’s good for movies…some good foreign ones on there too.


We have it. We don’t always watch a ton of stuff on there, but it has stuff I like to rewatch like Home Movies and Don’t trust the B in Apt 23.

If you want more than network shows, Sling or YouTube TV may be the way to go. We have both. YouTube tv has all the Disney owned stations and live streams of local stations and sports along with your personal DVR. Sling has all the other cable channels like FX, Bravo, Food network, Comedy Central etc.

Cheaper than cable still. We only pay for sling and are a “family members” on our friends YouTube tv, in exchange for him being one of our family members on Spotify.


sling is fucking rubbish.

unsolicited review: bullshit app


People have such different viewing habits, when my FIL was here over Thanksgiving he was dead-set on watching football. We have Netflix and Amazon Prime. I had to start a free trial of YouTube TV, which is normally $40 a month.

I had the trial for 3 days and cancelled it. It’s astonishing how much money and time people spend on TV. People talk so much about shows, it’s baffling to me.

I guess I think it’s a bad idea to pay for more television (couch time). There are absolute gems on Netflix, though. But I do my own things that others think are lame (binge listen to Norm Macdonald from the 90s).

Carry on…


Get one of the digital antennas for that football and other sports junk. Free in perpetuity after purchase price ($30-60), and should have enough of that crap to keep FIL yelling at the TV.


I love this idea. I looked into antennae a while back, after reading this article, but never committed.


They are a bit ugly and also need to be moved around during bad weather and different seasons, but I can get all the major OTA networks plus PBS, Create, MeTV, CW. Depends on your area, but I see this as the very first and most obvious step in cutting the cord.


Brother HL: We have a DirectTV antenna/dish on our roof. I think I can just replace that with a different/better antenna.

Found someone whose done it


Our area isn’t the best for OTA signals, but I still think it’s a solid move. And relatively inexpensive.


My son watches Adventure Time, The Amazing World Of Gumball, Clarence, etc. on it. I haven’t found anything on it that I just have to have but it’s worth the cost for the boy’s stuff.



my kids use hulu so much.

plus we are on a huge seinfeld kick right now and it’s all on hulu.

we watch the voice and this is us as well and that’s available through the nbc thing on hulu. pretty nice to have.


Well, Season 1 of Atlanta is on Hulu, so I can watch that.

Hulu had a sale the other day–99 cents a month for a year. So I ponied up $12 for the whole year. That is worth it to me.


is atlanta good? i wanna check it out


I haven’t seen it, but it seems like something I might like. Or not.


I still haven’t seen “The Wire.”

I hear that Atlanta is intense. Did you know Justin Bieber has a house in Atlanta?

Also, here’s a clip from the show (smart commentary on what’s permitted by white young entitled people).