HULU? Worth it? Who uses it?


I loved the first 2 seasons of Atlanta.


I’m cutting our cable and need some advice from you guys…

Thinking of getting either Hulu or YouTube TV. I have an antennae that should work.

Problem our main TV died a month ago, and it was the only smart tv we had.

I watch a lot of live sports, my wife just watches CBS and maybe a few stupid cable shows. I need high Def.


I use an Amazon Fire TV box to get all my ‘smart’ TV stuff. Makes using Prime easy too. Hulu seems to have all your standard TV programming, CBS, NBC, etc. Mostly i can get all that for free with a digital over the air antenna.

I use netflix frequently, amazon prime, and Direct TV now, which basically is like cable.


I use amazon fire stick and box

And I use the prime app

I am downloading a bunch of tv shows for my girls to watch on the plane

We r going to Paris for Xmas. :slight_smile:


We have Netflix, Hulu and Prime. Prime has the most infuriating interface. You can find anything on Prime, you just have to rent or buy most of the shit. I don’t think there is a way to separate the stuff you get with Prime Video from the rest.

I’m looking at getting an antenna just to watch Johnny Carson.


I use my computer to surf the Prime offerings and add them to my watchlist, then use the app on the Fire box to watch stuff. Makes it easier.


I’ll look into the Amazon Fire and Amazon Prime options as well too.

Since we got bundled, I’ll need to find high speed internet too. I’m guessing that is going to run us maybe $60 a month… then Hulu, youTube TV or whatever will probably be $40 a month + whatever else.

We are paying just over $200 a month now for internet, cable and an old folks land line. I unplugged our phone about three months ago because I just got sick of the thing ringing constantly with robo-calls.


Yeah, Prime is the worst. I pay a small fee monthly for a Plex server account. I watch most all of my content from there.


I’m realizing what a ludite I’ve become.


I have cable and I like it!


Oh! Look at the rich expletive! What? Nick your sugar daddy??? :wink:


I like cable too, but it is just become too expensive for us.

It is about the ease of operation, I suppose. You turn on the TV and flip through the channels, it’s easy.


you could do kodi
same thing but better adn free… :wink:


We hang out at home most of the time. We watch shows and we watch a lot of movies. And we watch a lot of football. I guess I just think it’s worth it. We have ATT uverse


I got an over the air antenna. I’ll just need to install it around Chrismas, Clark Griswald style.

Agree about the Prime interface being dookie.

I thought the direct TV dish would function as an antenna, but it turns out satellites aren’t the same as TV towers.


i think i’m the only here who likes the prime interface. it’s slick, organized, every time you click on a show, movie, or program it will give you suggestions for similar shows, show you the actors and directors and list off other movies they’re in. i can add to stuff to my watch list, it automatically adds stuff that i watch to my “recents” and it has all my apps like HBO, Showtime and Starz right there …along w/ hulu and netflix

i much prefer the prime interface to Roku’s or Apple TV and those interfaces are nothing to really scoff at either.


I’m sure Mr. Gay would agree with you…if you let him eat your ass.



no one eats my ass, i do the ass eatin pal.


It sounds like you have a better handle on it than I. Is there a way to filter so that you only see access that is included with Prime?

Man, this Christmas break is going to be full of cabin fever. We were planning on going to Nashville, but my wife has a flu with raging fever, my kids are developing it. Good week to explore all streaming options.

Be well, FS.commers.


Hope you avoid the crud.

Nobody wants to be sick during the holiday season.