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Same. I’ve accepted my crush on him also.





That Fragments stuff is incredible.


The first two disks in particular. It’s always nice to hear Cindy Cashdollar high in the mix.


That was great, Balv. :heart:


Go fuck yourself. That kind of introspection is reserved for me and I can’t type it so beautifully.


Now I feel dumb for wanting to tout my love for bourbon, my kid’s game winning hockey goal and my love for the smell of Silly String.


Lol, the droll legend returns in good form.


all beautiful things, nick



Love you, LoveHammer :heart:



Ahh, the old RAA! I spent so much time on that site. Seems like a whole lifetime ago.


So my friend got three tickets to the Red Wings game last night… his son-in-law is a TV personality/Hockey color man on TNT and they were doing the game. I drove the 2.5 hour drive to Detroit. My friend has COPD issues and he sometimes needs oxygen support. I tried to get as close as I could to the Little Caesers Arena, and ended up having to block a couple blocks away. When we were walking into the arena he tripped and fell on the sidewalk right next to me. He had his hands in his vest pockets because he was freezing and couldn’t break his fall. He fell right on his face on the concrete and he laid there convulsing and spewing blood from his face. Both my friend Eric and I thought he was either already dead or dying right in our arms. I screamed for someone to call 911 and a parking attendant who had watched us walk past saw it and had already called. it took a few minutes for responders to get there - we had turned him on his side to make sure he wouldn’t drown from all the blood. After maybe a minute or two he kind of regained consciousness and we could speak to him a little.

The ambulance finally got there ( 5 or 10 minutes later which seemed like over an hour). We got him on a stretcher and into the ambulance then I went with him to the hospital. They ended up doing a fine job getting him sewn up and he checked out OK with his vitals. He is 74 years old and has 3 prosthetic replacements (knee, hip, shoulder). We got him released then I drove the 2.5 hours home and got back here at 1:30. his wife who is a nurse was REALLY happy to get him back home.

I mentioned to the resident doctor there that they probably hadn’t seen anyone come in looking like that in there since Probert got traded… I don’t think he got the reference. He was 3 years younger than my youngest daughter and went to high school here in Schoolcraft (of all places) where my kids went.

Detroit Receiving Hospital is one I certainly wouldn’t have chosen as a place to go, but he got excellent treatment and care there.


Since your friend fucked up your night, I am happy to tell you that the Red Wings won.


I’m glad your friend is okay! That’s horrifying.

I would have freaked out at the blood and convulsing. I don’t do well with that type of stuff.

Also, COPD is a motherfucker. My mom (76) struggles with it and it’s horrible to witness. She just got out of Cleveland Clinic after a 6 day stay Sunday. Back in 2020, we thought she was wouldn’t make it out of the hospital after getting COVID.


Yeah I would have been incredibly scared and crying.
I’m so glad your friend is ok too.


oh my god dougo. i can only imagine how scary this whole scene must have been!!! he’s lucky to have you guys. i sure hope he gets checked for a concussion and whiplash.


It was a pretty horrific scene. My friend Eric just about passed out, we thought the EMTs might have to take a look at him too.

I stopped over for a visit last night and he’s doing OK, but his one eye is really swollen almost shut and he’s in really rough shape.


glad he’s ok @DougoBlue! Really scary stuff


We need more banjo jokes.