I Could Tell Ya, but I'd have to Bore Ya - Inane Anecdotes


When I taught writing, I always made my students write an essay about what subculture they belonged to, to promote introspection and the realization that everyone is ‘nerdy’ about something that they are into.

Since 18 year-olds have no life experience, many of them wanted to write about playing soccer, which I had to remind them was the single most popular sport on the planet, so therefore was culture, not subculture.

I instead played them parts of ‘Dark Carnival of the Soul,’ the amazing doc on the annual Juggalo gathering. I talked about how the subculture has values, beliefs and shared experience that are different than common daily experience. To this day I don’t really know if they understood, or if it was just fun for me to make them watch it in class.


Most of my stories involve me being mistaken for being 5-20 years younger than I am. I was digging through my phone and found this great photo of what it looks like when I stand next to normal sized people. Please enjoy my paranoid photographic evidence that I am, in fact, 4’11” and have done public speaking.


I would say two of those people, at most, are “normal size”


My husband once looked at this photo and asked me if I’d joined the Rotund Boys Club. Rude.


At least four of them could be designated “sites” to meet back at in the even that you get separated from your friends at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rocking Eve in Times Square.


I’m going to be real honest with you, Nick. I’m still sniggering at least once a day that you were resentful of an imagined bias against Cibo Matto when, in fact, the guy had no idea what two of your more known references were so didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of judging you for Cibo Matto. These are the kinds of things that I find to be the most funny. Things that are inane and things that are true.


I see the seal. I would have asked if you joined the Texas Toastmasters instead of the Whole Grain Toastmasters.


I’m crying out of one eye now. /dead


I was working on a joke, but yours was better and faster.


Hahahaha! I’m an idiot.


Looks like a police lineup for ‘who ate the cheesecake and ribs that we had in the break room for the company picnic.’


Full disclosure… they made me the sergeant at arms.


…of the Sargento Army.




It looks like a casting call for 12 Hangry Men.


I just want to point out that this is actually normal for the USA.


Looks like an OA meeting and their docent.



I think the ratio is almost the same here…


It looks like @saf started a band called Florence + The CPAP Machine.


Ok… which organization is this?