I don't care for...


Name famous musical artists that just don’t do it for you. I’ll go first:

Bob Not My Real Name Dylan
Elvis Presley
Ryan Adams… obviously


The Beatles
The Grateful Dead


Most of the above but also Beyoncé and Phil Collins.

This was a hard one, there aren’t that many household names, and I’d argue that a lot of the acts mentioned here are only major in the context of this board. That’s why I didn’t say “Stone Temple Pilots” or “Any and All Ska music” it’s not like you’re being subjected to that stuff current day.

Wait wait wait…. Bon Jovi


Is your real name @Monkey?


Elvis Costello
Fleet Foxes
Pink Floyd


Outside of a few songs, I don’t get The Rolling Stones.

Second The Grateful Dead.


I didn’t like the Dead until I ate mushrooms on a beach by a bonfire.

Pearl Jam


Led Zeppelin
Dave Matthews Band
(Most of) Gram Parsons


Arctic monkeys


Grateful Dead
Paul Simon
Taylor Swift
Bruce Springsteen


Stone Temple Pilots are so big for me. I’m broken :joy: But I agree on Phil Collins. I don’t get it.

for me:
Billy Joel
Lady Gaga
Billie Eilish
(most of) Pearl Jam
insert here any indie band with some weird ironic name


I can’t believe that no one else is as bent out of shape as me that we’re still being subjected to new radio singles by Bon Jovi.


Elton John
Pink Floyd

I could list a bunch from this century, but I’m already getting a reputation for being an old curmudgeon.


Dang, missed Arctic Monkeys - you are totally right. God knows I have tried.


I forgot to mention my disdain for Bon Jovi.


About Bon Jovi – Desmond Child seems to be behind every hit melody of the 70s and 80s. Compare the melody of “Livin’ on a Prayer” to the (oh so many) of versions of “Hide Your Heart” (Kiss, Molly Hatchet, Bonnie Tyler, etc.) that actually came out around the same time – this is how you make royalties (one of my friends made a playlist of this – it was hilarious).



It’s not that. I didn’t list Bon Jovi because I don’t think they are almost universally adored. I guess I just looked at Monkey’s list and thought it was more of an “unpopular opinion” kind of thing.


I also forgot to mention Tom Petty in my list.