I fell and broke my desire to have any emotional connections with anyone


I am very relieved to report I am 100% okay with this. Fuck it. Fuck every goddamn thing. I fucking give up.

My emotional support bourbon said it was 98% confident my dgaf wont heal on its own and I should drink alone in a dark room for six weeks.

I also bought a vintage Zodiac watch last night even though I don’t wear watches.

To quote the raven, “Nevermore!”


I, too, have buried my mental illnesses by buying expensive vintage watches… but mine were Zenith, not Zodiac.


I almost got a Bell + Ross but I decided I like having money instead.


I’ve always wanted one of those Borel Mystery cocktail watches with the kaleidoscope face, but never found a white one that was ONS. It’s gotta be ONS. I’m not trying to get haunted here.

I have a totally badass moonphase Seiko from 1980 that I love.


Why you gotta try to steal my thunder???



Wrong thread


our daughter hannah went to the hospital/psych ward last Monday and came home yesterday.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been as anguished or scared as I have been this past week and the coming future.

she scored very high on the Beck’s depression test and was admitted Monday after our visit to her psychiatrist.

my little baby girl is 18 now but jesus fucking christ she fell and broke her desire to have any desire to live. breaks our hearts.

we visited and called every day and we all pitched in at home and cleaned her room and cleaned and organized her laundry and hung some pics and vinyl up

Saturday heather and I got up early and went and had coffee and pastries and we ran into one of her old teachers…i about lost my shit right there and started to cry.

we then spent the next hour and a half each at separate record stores trying to get hannah a RSD release of taylor’s new “The Lakes” 7" vinyl
I was first in line at Record Heaven and snagged her a copy.

our baby girl is home and back to school and counselors have her lined up to get her organized for missed homework, etc


That’s a difficult age to be saddled with depression, but she has a loving family who supports her. Wishing for smoother seas ahead for you all.


Jesus, Rod, sorry to hear this.

Agree, you seem like remarkably supportive and connected parents.


Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help, Rod. You’re all in my thoughts.


Man I was not expecting to read this.
I know you’ll do anything to help her. She’s lucky to have you two for parents. :heart:


Love you, bub. Feel free to call me. I promise I’ll pick up.


I’m so sorry, Rod! That’s very rough. I love how you all pitched in and cleaned her room! I’m sure it helped make her feel like she had a fresh start that was being supported by everyone. Sometimes it’s the little things! When I was very depressed, my mood changed significantly when I made it a point to make my bed the moment I woke up.

I am dealing with a depressed teenager right now as well. I don’t think he dealt with his mom’s death in a way that gave him legs. He’s now going to a therapist again and taking medication.

Hang in there. We love you.


thank you all.

i wasn’t planning on sharing or posting. but felt good to get it out and I know this is a safe place with you lot.

hannah has been cutting herself since she was 15 and has an eating disorder.

she is supported. has a great group of friends.
i just don’t want to walk downstairs and find my baby girl passed away


Best to all of the parents dealing with teenage depression with the serious it deserves. So many people chalk it up to “just part of growing up”

Treating things now should immeasurably improve their lives in the long run.

Sending love, courage, and hopes for grace your way.


Wow I’m so sorry to hear this @thebalvenie. I can’t imagine what this is like. I hope she can find a way through this and takes solace in the family and her friends. I wish I had something to say


All the love to you and your family, Rod.

We have clinical depression running through our family and it is often a helpless feeling you get when trying to lend a hand. I know you guys are and will do the right thing to help her learn to deal with what she’s going through. Life has to be so difficult for young people nowadays.

It is extra hard watching your children go through life’s battles… but she will get through this. And she’ll discover more about herself and how much her family loves her along the way.


Thinking of you all Rod. She’s got a good team around her. Wishing her happier days ahead.


Damn Rod I’m sorry, I had no idea. Sometimes I don’t look at threads and find out later they took a turn for the important, like with your brother.
I’m so sorry. It’s a helpless feeling when your kid is lost. I know you and your wife are going to do the best you can. Love and listening. I’ve got her in my heart. Love to your family.


How are things Rod?