I fell and broke my desire to have any emotional connections with anyone


thanks again all. i truly know this was the right place to put my feelings and vent. feels good and feels safe.

hannah met her psychiatrist this past Wednesday…that went well…they’ve upped her meds and added abilify to “enhance” the med she is on…so it’s kind of wiping her out but when I’m able to see her after school she is in good spirits and active in her homework and college applications (she has to decide by may 1)

we won’t let her go to college IF we all feel she is not stable enough…she has no business uprooting her life and leaving her support system of friends and family. however, I also feel there’s nothing more important than freedom and autonomy and I really want her to leave the nest and go explore. she’s applied to 20 colleges, she’s been accepted to 13 and waitlisted on 7.

main one is st olaf in minn and then two in mass

I’m hoping for st olaf…she’s waitlisted for macalaster …i’d love her to get into that one.

she wants to study art …she loves to draw, loves to work w/ clay and painting and water colors.


Plus Rose Nyland is from St. Olaf. :heartpulse:


Well, my fucking depression bought another watch. Mid price Longines this time.

I start physical therapy for maintenance on scar tissue on my pelvic floor on Wednesday. A week later I go back to my Psychiatrist to get back on happy pills.

I hope your daughter is doing much better, Rod.


hang in there; hope it turns out well.

Being relatively new to the watch game – what Longines did you get??’

I love my Tudor 1926: https://www.tudorwatch.com/en/watches/1926/m91650-0005

Before the Tudor, I almost got this Longines:



I got the silver on silver Record 38.50mm.



Any thought of a Longines Whittnauer?

I always liked that name. My wife still refers to her oversized pillow as her Longines Whittnauer.


ohh that’s a nice looking one! I hope it brings you happiness; I aways find those small moments of checking the time to be enjoyable – and not looking my phone!

Even though I’m one watch deep so far, my aim is to have each one have some kind of meaning/milestone to it. My next one is going to be a Hamilton Khaki Field Auto titanium (likely in the next few months):

Further down the road, I have ideas for a (very nice) dress watch and a dive watch. And suddenly (last night?) I feel like maybe a GMT. All of these are for days much further down the road :joy:


I have a couple Seiko watches. No idea if they are at all collectible or not, but I like them.


Hang in there Monkey. You’re a fucking Monkey so that should easy. But seriously love you dude.


Oh this is a nice one too! I’ve been keeping an eye on Seiko & Grand Seiko, they make really nice watches. Do you remember what model/reference this is? This reminds me of the Presage line:

I’ve heard a lot on what makes a watch “collectable”/“good investments”, but I get the feeling it’s better to buy something you love and will wear than to buy it only because it’s an investment. That’s not bad to invest obviously, but for me it’s about enjoying what you have. So even if I ever get a Rolex, I plan to wear it. Though this one is giving a Rolex a run for its money:



I like that Seiko Presage a lot.

I think that one of mine is a Seiko Quartz, day-date Presidential (?).


Cool! Yeah, I like the minimal/clean style of the Presage. Always thinking about whether I should get one of these :joy:


dude. hugs and love my friend. and thank you, our daughter has been doing so well these past few months. i can’t even describe the feeling it is when your kid, who was on the brink of suicide, has turned a corner and seems to be kicking ass. wonderful feeling.

i have been off my sertraline since 8/31 and i love it. i feel life again and i can maintain focus and positivity in the face of anxiety and worry


Coming off of my SSRI has been so, so miserable. I’ve gone from not really crying since I was pregnant with my first son to crying about everything for the past three days. My face is raw, my eyes are swollen, I’m nauseous, I have intermittent brain fog that is sometimes so severe I can’t speak intelligibly. I feel guilty, but the guilt turns to disgust with myself. Food textures are turned to 13, It’s a hard thing. I’m never going on an SSRI again.


Aw Saf. Hugs hon x


sorry to hear @saf hope you feel better soon


i’ve been absent on here for a bit.
first we went to Mexico for my cousin’s wedding and w/ in the first couple of hours there…laying in our hotel bed we got a call from Hannah saying her and her gf broke up…she was pretty distraught and she had been in a pretty bad place for a while. later, the next day we got a call from one of hannah’s counselors at the uni and said she had been transported to a mental health facility about 3 hours west of Minneapolis
we were able to get a hold of Hannah briefly and she did the right thing considering the head space she was in…eating disorder, suicidal ideation …all that shit.

so, we called the unit and they said that yes we could visit but that we should come sunday or Monday as she’ll be settling in and doing “work” therapy group stuff…
we flew in sunday night and made the drive over and stayed in marshall, mn for a week …visiting her off and on and then her discharge was last Friday and we got her back to college and stayed w/ her till Sunday and flew home.

my wife summed it up best as we got back to work on Tuesday…EMOTIONAL HANGOVER. drunk on the worst fucking gut wrenching tear-induced emotions ever…and now the hangover…what a cloud…a fog…

hannah is doing well. she seems to have made it through this bout of shit …

hug your kids. kiss em. snuggle em. squeeze them. write them. send them poems and pics and weird goofy random postcards.

hugs all


Sounds like she is doing OK, or will get there. Thanks for the update, Rod. Hugs to all y’all.


oh goodness @thebalvenie, sorry to hear this. Breakups are hard enough as it is. Glad she’s doing ok; a minute/hour/day at a time; at least that’s what I try to tell myself in those kinds of situations.