I just got a call ...


…that my mother has died. Her husband contacted my niece this afternoon to inform her.

Here’s the deal though. Early last year she actually faked her death; likely to hurt my 3 sisters who had a sick codependent relationship with her for their entire lives.

I don’t know how to feel. Honestly, in this moment, I don’t feel anything but static. Maybe that will change when the news can be confirmed one way or another.

I’m not seeking sympathy. I just needed to put this somewhere…safe.



I’m sorry to hear this. It will probably take some time to digest. I don’t know your story but maybe, if nothing else, this will bring you relief.

Feel free to vent here anytime.


I haven’t slept. I’m not grieving. Right now it’s just weird. I don’t know all the details. I’m just wondering who, if anyone, was there for her at the end. That’s the kind of person she was; that it makes me wonder this.

Now, both or my parents are dead and I feel even less than when my father passed. At least then I felt an obligation to go see my sisters and act as some kind of support.

I know they made me this way. And I know I have a good heart where most would expect it. This is just unreal to me.

Thanks, Lisa.


El Paso’s coroner just confirmed her death on the 4th around 4am.

I’m going to sleep a while.


Sorry to hear about this, Monkey.

I guess with both them gone it’s time to forge your own path. Being a good, fair person can be your legacy, there’s still plenty of time.


I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this. We are here for you.


They’re right around the corner, Monkey. Someday you and i and the monkeys will all turn that corner into death’s sweet and gracious eternal grip.


I don’t judge people by their relationship to their parents.

Sometimes the healthiest course of action with dysfunctional family is to restrict or eliminate contact.

Feel free to share more.

I can’t think of any jokes about El Paso at the moment. I’ll keep you posted if I do.


Monkey, this makes you an orphan. I can’t have any more children. Would you like to Annie this shit?


My dad spent some time in El Paso in the 90s when he was having stuff made in the maquiladoras across the border in Juarez.

El Paso is a pit. I liked Juarez more.

El Paso is probably extremely corrupt so I wouldn’t be surprised if the coroner out there helped Monkey’s mom fake her death and she is currently drinking a daiquiri in Acapulco.


sorry for your loss monkster


Ha. And downgrade your beautiful people status. I’ll do you a favor and decline. :smiley:


Actually, to be fair, El Paso is now one of the safest, most diverse cities in the country right now. And their infrastructure is being looked at by cities like Chicago and Detroit in hopes that they can turn their cities around. :slight_smile:


Regardless of the circumstances, it’s still something to digest. Love to you Monkey.


Sorry to hear it man. My family is pretty dysfunctional too so I know how conflicted you can feel when processing deaths and such.


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