i made an album of home recordings


I haven’t been on here in awhile, trying to wind down my internet presence, but i figured that since i came here for years talking bullshit, i might as well share that i have finally started doing something somewhat productive with my life.

Check it out on Bandcamp, you can download it for free.

I recorded the whole thing with a Martin acoustic, condenser mic, audio interface and some digital distortion pedals in Garageband on my MacBook, situated beside a stone fireplace.

I made a music video for the single as well.

I gave myself permission to suck, since it’s my first album, but it didn’t turn out horribly. I’m already writing my second album and have a rough outline for two more albums beyond that.

I’ll probably just do a Nick Drake thing where I release a few albums independently then disappear unless I somehow get wildly popular and have the opportunity to make money from it


I am Q. Q is in u 2


Oh my God. Please stop.


I was basically trying to say what Ryan Adams is too selfish or ignorant (or possessed) to say, but in the low, etheric folky tone of Phoebe Bridgers


That was money well spent. I think you should charge money for that on bandcamp, don’t just give it away! Can’t wait to hear more.


The first one is always free. I’m happy with how the songwriting and structure turned out, but it’s lofi, and nobody knows who i am, so the best thing is to give it away. You have to build a name for yourself. no one is going to buy rough material from a newb. Also, i know i can tighten up my writing and make stronger records.


but just stay in your lane of gimmicky slick shock jock rock …


Glad to know my summer internship with Bubba The Love Sponge has finally paid off