I think I'm actually feeling suicidal.


I stopped collecting the music of Morrisey & The Cure around 1990. I recently decided to obtain everything that they’ve put out from 1990 to present. Thirty fucking years worth of Morrisey & The Cure. I’ve been listening to them non-stop for almost two weeks now. I’m depressed as shit right about now. I think I might have fucked up…royally.


Put on ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ and just be done with it.


Here you go:


I’m afraid that won’t work. One extreme to the next and all. I might need to wean myself off & gradually work myself back to less depressing shit.



How about some Stones?
Never fails to put me in a good mood even when I’m already in a good mood!
They make everything even better!


I second putting on “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” There’s a few lines in that song, and I’m not going to tell you which ones because I do want you to listen to it, that really speak to being happy and not worrying.


Here’s a little song i wrote




Here. Put it on loop now. You’re welcome.




Have you asked your DJ if a small dose of Joy Division is right for you?


I prefer Almond Joy Division.


You should listen to Manchester Orchestra; especially their 2 most recent albums, A Black Mile to the Surface & The Million Masks of God. Equal amounts of depressed and positive.

Personally, I love sad music. It makes me feel better about just about any problem.


Yeah, I’m a big fan of sad bastard music myself. I’m pretty sure everyone knows I’m just fuckin’ around. I’ve moved on from Morrissey to Johnny Marr’s solo stuff now. Although I feel the incontrollable urge to listen to Either/Or by Elliott Smith. But, Elliott can wait until I’m done absorbing Johnny Marr’s solo catalog. Good stuff so far.


Happy Thursday! :grin: