I truly despise donald trump...Cohen speaks out ....



I’m parked in front of my tv. This better be good!


oh fuck. you need to read it too…i SO hope he’s going to jail.


“I truly despise” didn’t appear in the transcript.

I did a ctrl F and didn’t find it.

This is why Trump gets traction when he says “FAKE NEWS.”


Watching and reading via NYT. He came out swinging hard. Though 45 will never lose his base. They probably were excited to hear he is a racist.


I think that was Grim saying he “truly despises” Trump.


Jesus Nathan Christ, these Republicans on the panel are just fucking rude and spinning everything.


“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” Upton Sinclair.


OK, makes more sense. I thought he was posting a headline.

Also, not any talk about the Jussie Smollett case on here. That was truly fake noose.


That was Balv, but for the record I hate trump.


Not sure anything can bring down the beast. He has way too many people still willing to lie and obfuscate for him. But he may be made completely ineffective. I see that as your last, best hope.


love this. stealing for facebook

sorry not sorry


truly despise was my own doing for the thread title…



Republicans: you’re a liar! You admitted to that.

Cohen: I lied for Trump.

Republicans: yeah, but still…


I wish any of this amounted to anything, but it seems clear that Donald Trump will not be impeached, even if Vladimir himself testified that he keeps Trump’s balls on his nightstand.


Hope springs eternal. I have a radical notion that the only way to beat Trump is by running a compelling Democrat.

I tired of the Trump/collusion/impeachment phenomena long ago.


What the fuck have I been watching for half of the day? This did what for what? I can only see this strengthening the Donald Cunt base.


Everything strengthens the guy because his base is made up of the worst humanity has to offer.

“Oh, you paid off a mistress. You know what? He didn’t have her murdered and he totally could have.”

" So what if he colluded? Stoli is the best vodka ever!"

" Oh but you won’t hear in the lame stream media is how many white people are happy. Typical."

" who cares what a Mexican like La Bron has to say?"

" So these negros will kneel during the national anthem but I don’t see them kneeling at my Roman Catholic Church"


These are good


Now would be a good time for Trump to bring Ryan Adams to the white house and bestow a medal of freedom on him