I truly despise donald trump...Cohen speaks out ....


and give you a full pardon for being a fucktard


A pardon would be nice but not necessary. I consider my felony a proud badge of anarchy


Cohen: Trump did a lot of shitty criminal stuff and he is a racist.

Republicans: is it true you tried to get a book deal?


That proposed executive order to penalize colleges that don’t have “free speech” will keep me busy for a while.


I know AOC can be a bit much, but she was the star of that Cohen testimony. Holy shit. Emotionless. Quick questions implicating the piece of shit in even more crimes. No wonder the right hates her.


It seems like an impossible standard to meet. However, it would be reasonable if Antifa and others let people (they’d have to consider right-wingers people) speak.

When I was in college I had a few gay friends. We went to see a conversion therapist speak and we had a discussion with him. We didn’t pull the fire alarm or do cosplay with black batons…or bludgeon people with bike locks.

Thoughts, @mutineer?


I agree, universities should absolutely make efforts so that invited speakers won’t be interrupted or attacked. No matter who they are. I don’t think they can be expected to make unlimited efforts, and sometimes, it seems prudent to cancel an event if the administration believes that it cannot guarantee the safety of those in attendance.

That said, the government mandating this sort of thing is a solution in search of a problem. There are more than 3,000 colleges and universities–and how many serious cases? I don’t think more than a handful, even though there are websites devoted to nothing but showing that all professors are communist, atheist flag burners.

But it’s especially bad if the threat is to lose a lot of money. University administrators will do what they always do: overreact. That’s what they did when the Title IX thing came out some years ago. Here, they’ll establish draconian rules undermining the freedom of speech of peaceful protestors. They’ll hire more campus police. It’ll increase the cost of college and create problems for the climate for free speech. And for what? Because some local assholes in Berkeley who may not even be affiliated with the university are attacking people? Trump issuing an executive order for that would seem to me to be about as effective as him issuing an executive order that no one in Chicago may be shot, starting tomorrow.


I guess I don’t understand why people would protest a college speaker at all. When has this ever helped? I understand if a speaker holds controversial views, but why not organize a separate event in a different part of campus and draw a bigger audience there?

If a terrible band shows up in your town, you don’t buy tickets or draw any attention to the band. You go to another show. I guess I just don’t understand this impulse to protest a speaker.


I can see the point of protesting, but not if it interrupts the speaker. Standing with your back to the speaker to express disapproval, for instance, is fine, I think. When it’s, say, commencement, which you wanted to attend, but you disapproved strongly of the choice for speaker, I think that’s appropriate. But I agree, specifically going to an event on campus to protest seems to give the speaker additional attention more so than actually conveying disapproval.


I bet you have some tales. Did your institution implement campus consent forms?


No, but they had some HR flunky give presentations on whether you can talk about sex in your class. The professor of Roman studies was not too pleased. I had to get the provost to issue a retraction.


Just curious, are librarians considered faculty at your institution?

Good to see someone else in academia on the board. Venting here is my safe space.


I’m no longer at a university. I work for a national advocacy organization for faculty now.

Librarians are considered faculty at my former institution.



Hillary should be in prison. BTW, Collusion with Russia is not a crime, nor an impeachable offense. And Trump didn’t do it anyway. So I suppose all they can do is make up more lies about him and get all the NPC’s to fall for it.


Nick, can we not just ditch this guy now?


That’s some chutzpah right there…


I don’t agree with Meade’s views, but we can’t just get rid of everyone who doesn’t share our views.


Just here or everywhere?


but we can look at adding an ignore feature!!!