I truly despise donald trump...Cohen speaks out ....


Wait. This is a democracy?



Ignore is a functionality that I hear is coming.


but did anyone watch that dog hump the pig toy?

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Yeah watched it, but it’s not my kink. I’m a cat man.


Fair enough
I’m an immature imbecile


Meade, I have a legit question for you. You consider yourself to be a man of god. How can someone so religious adore a guy that has kids with multiple wives, and cheats on his wife with porn stars? How do you ignore that?


Talk about having a god complex…


ugh. some fucking nutjob please come out and assassinate this jerk already.


Yes, I agree . Cohen should be assassinated. But I’m not a liberal, so I don’t condone political violence.




Because God uses people like Trump. He is flawed in most every way. He is an outsider. He is like Nehemiah (BUILD THE WALL), or even Samson. Trump is a breath of fresh air. He isn’t a smooth talker like Obama, and he says what he means and means what he says. Donald Trump has recently become a Christian. We see it by his actions, not his words. Words are meaningless. Behind the scenes, Trump is an extremely heartfelt and generous man.

Also there was a prophecy by several Christians that Trump would be president. He will also win in 2020 ! He is an answer to our prayers. I thank God everyday that Trump is our leader.


And Charlottesville was not violent either until Antifa got there. The city is run by corrupt socialist liberals. They told the police not to allow the Unite the Right, even though they had a permit to be there. They told police to stand down and not stop the violent leftist thugs who attacked the people at the rally. The liberal media created a false narrative . Charlottesville was a media lie. That fat girl died of a heart attack too. She wasn’t run over by car. They kept using her picture when she was thinner and younger. I live only an hour away from Charlottesville. The people that were there that day said it was nothing like the media made it out to be. The mayor is a corrupt villain and he is being lead by a black supremacist named Wess Bellamy.


Okay, I’m out.


The truth shall set you free. You should learn the truth about Charlottesville and not follow “Orange Man Bad” propaganda channels such as CNN or MSNBC. I thought you libs were for free speech.



Edited: That was mean.


See that wasn’t so bad.


Not for nothing, but I think your evaulative and logic skills are impaired. You should leave the important thinking for the adults.


Just because I hold a different political view? For what it’s worth my IQ is actually slightly above average.


It has nothing to do with your political views. It’s how you discuss them. Clearly you have an issue with hyperbolic and reactionary rhetoric which reveals your inability to to effectively evaluate the complexity of the issues you are attempting to address.

Your few posts that verge into politics violate the laws of logic with a consistency that indicates you don’t actually understand what logic is, or that arguments have a standard to meet in order to be valid.

You’re not an idiot, you just have no idea of the rules of the game. So you shouldn’t play it, and certainly not in public.


It’s because I’m trying to discuss too many talking points because it’s hard to deprogram liberals. That’s the problem. Spoonfed fake news, and they keep repeating it over and over. It’s frustrating. We must love the truth , regardless of what side we’re on.