If we draft a petition, can we get someone 'kicked off the island'?


As in, we self-police and ban someone who is a drain?

Like ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ where we all share in the ‘guilt’?


Try to get “we hold these truths to be self evident” in there somewhere.



As Stalin said, it doesn’t matter who votes; it matters who counts the votes.


Little known fact–good friend of mine did the set design for the Survivor council sets for several years. Never got to go to the locations. Just submitted his plans, and they built it onsite.


I’m in as long as we won’t be destroying any tea.


I’m willing to spill some sweet tea. I think it may come to that.


I don’t equate that as real tea so I’m good.


My afternoon pick-me-up is green tea, always with a fun-flavored tea mixed in. Today is raspberry hibiscus. I steep in the fridge and have it cool in the afternoon.


I drink sheng (green) puerh almost daily. Green/fish hook Oolong, and rock Oolong mainly at work, but like gunpowders as well. I try new greens when I have the opportunity, but get stuck into routines. I am not much into flavors, but have had several that I liked very much. My wife does, and peach green is her go to cold drinker. I like a straight green cold.

My puerh stash:


We got a different kind of green “tea” here in Michigan.

But I don’t have a work stash.



I know I’ve said this before, but recommend me a green puerh on a librarian’s salary? Can you get it in bags or do you have to dress up like a Viet Cong and do it loose leaf?

Also, do you do matcha ever? I tried Mighty Leaf and it was OK, but I guess you have to shell out a decent amount for a ceremonial grade.


I do all my teas loose in a pot.

This is a great tea to try. at affordable price. I enjoy this one very much and is cheap as Puerh goes. Not in a bag, but you can get multiple good brews with it and it very mellow, viscus, earthy, with vegetative after tones. Well aged for the price and a good shop.

Here is a good wild cake at inexpensive price. It is fairly young and intense still but has great flavor and is great for multiple brews/sessions. You would need to break apart for brewing. I have 4 cakes of this put back for longterm aging.

I like matcha but usually do not make it at home. My friend buys his at Yunnan Sourcing and it is lovely:


I drink so much tea. I prefer bags to loose leaf. It never seems strong enough for me.


You look like a bag lady


I’ve cleaned up my act a little but yeah.


Sorry, but I have to put my foot down here… These are the only real teas!


We’re getting older and mature. No one made a joke about tea bagging.


aye lad. i’m right there fucking w/ you.

i go on amazon prime and order scottish blend.

my fave. i like my tea like i like my msg boards: bold, dark and full of assholes…