If you come here from tobeyoung.org


David Ryan Adams is an anchovy’s cunt and I will hurt your feelings if you come here and sing his praises.

:DRA Middle Finger Photo Here:

I’m not getting sued by that cunt for the most obvious reason.


What is TBY getting sued?

Did it close? Are refugees coming?


I’ll try to build a wall if they end up being DRA sympathizers.


Also, let’s get back on the topic of potentially changing the name of this place.


OK I caught up from the other thread. But are they being sued, or did the last one out lock the door behind them?



:DRA Middle Finger Photo Here: <Are you familiar with the photo of him pointing the middle finger? Yeah, that’s my sentiment w/o using the actual photo and potentially getting sued by that big fucking baby.


Send him dick pics.


They are not being sued


Maybe they should send dick pics then.


I only joined for the dick picks.


That’s as warm of a welcome as you’re getting out of Monkey.


Messaged you.


I think anchovy’s are underrated. You ever have a pasta puttanesca? Solid sauce.

I’m going home now.