I'm so understood


When I was in my teens and into my twenties I was so misunderstood. But now everyone understands… I’m a vile and unapologetic monster.

My friends call me The Beast. I wear this name with pride and it is also how Aleister Crowley referred to himself as a nickname. The difference is Crowley gave the name to himself while The Beast was annointed upon me by others.

Go forth, satanic soldiers, heretics and nonbelievers. Spread the darkness to the nine corners of the cosmos.


the beast with the least?

obviously they don’t know you then if they’re calling you the beast.

beast means you are tough and rough and ruthless and gruesome.

you’re just a gigantic soft cock douche that likes to use shock value vulgarity at the expense of others.

but you’re our mr gay and so we love you!


Do us a favor and take the Big 5 test?

I’d be curious about your results and whether they match up with my assessment.



I don’t.


It would be okay
if he packed up his dildos
and just went away


You’re right. It’s a good time to be a weirdo.