I'm thinking about giving a lighter and a Jerry can of gasoline to Ryan


I’m thinking about giving a lighter and Jerry can of gasoline to Ryan Adams and telling him to torch PaxAm. People would like him more and will be the beginning of his road to redemption.

Then Ryan will be arrested for arson and I’ll be arrested for providing material support. While we’re kn prison I will draw a roadmap for recovery which includes going deep into the wilderness to purge our sins that we tallied while living in the kingdoms of Satan which pepper the earth.


can you tiktok it?


Monkey can come out and help film. After Ryan torches PaxAm I’ll give the camera/phone to Monkey and he can light Ryan and I on fire then post the video on TikTok


Probably the only solid advice anyone is willing to give him.


If you’re paying to get me out there this is tempting.


Frankly, I wouldn’t trust Ryan with anything that could result in ashes and fire.


HAHA Literal LOL.


or roosevelt pie?


Or anything that involves chains of love.