Is everyone ready for next Friday 6/19/20?


That’s awesome!! I still don’t see myself ever liking those two records though.


No, they are clunkers for sure… but that doesn’t mean nothing from there was worth performing in concert.


No. I do agree. Some of the stuff does translate well live.


I would listen to the Cutting Edge any day of the week before I would listen to Down in the Groove again. Hell, She’s Your Lover Now is worth it all by itself.


I love Cutting Edge it but it’s a whole lot to absorb.


I thought the same thing, but once you get in to it, it flies by. Great compilation, his mind was on a whole different level during that era.


My least favorites although I kind of love Trans ever since watching the Berlin '82 concert. I wish I could link footage of that beast. Neil and Nils running and jumping around the stage for Sample and Hold. Hilarious. Killer version of Like a Hurricane on there.