It appears Gerard Butler is a piece of A$$




In a good or a bad way?


Depends if you are more into Persians or Spartans, I guess.


Either way, better use Trojans.


Congratulations on a perfectly executed joke.


Which piece?


Chef kiss


We had some extremely Catholic friends who were excited about communion. I told them, “dibs on the thighs” and well, we’re not really friends anymore.


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If I want to find the closest dick, I check with @Monkey.


We are not important enough for spam bots.


Or are we (most likely it’s Ryan though)?


don’t start something you can’t finish


I’m scared of the new strains, myself.

There’s a lot of talk about Delta 8, hemp-derived stuff. Lighter, softer than the Balv blunts.


ha. love it. balv blunts sound delightful.

how about a @saf spliff?


Balv blunts side effects include doing crossfit with random folks in your proximity. Loaded carries with two geriatrics, pull ups on sprinkler systems, all while ironically listening to Eddie Cash.

Saf spliffs would be a kind of aphrodisiac for baking, reading, and carry the same sexual suggestiveness as a teenage church lock-in (restrained, but fun). I didn’t express the last part particularly well. If you’ve been in a church lock-in, maybe it makes sense.


How about DougoBlue Fatties and Inky Bongers?

And who could forget Flower of the Sun?


how about an Ely Express Gummi Worm?

or a Dougo Blues Brownie

and and inky dinky doo POT SODA


:popcorn: eagerly awaiting the write ups, don’t let us down, @Ely_Plains !


The high comes on slow and then it hits you…there is a beauty in everyday objects or happenings. You gaze at the grains of wood at your table and see a Paul Klee work. When you walk around you are flooded with memories of all the states you’ve been in, the highs, the lows (the kids call it downbad), and the in between. As you walk around…stop signs and telephone wires seem infused with meaning, a hieroglyphics for emotions. You take more pauses and are aware of your body, your thoughts, you slow them down until there is absolute quiet. You see how all of these previous states stitch together your being, they comprise what you are, and you realize this is the best possible life, there isn’t another better version. Your granddaughter Facetimes you and this feeling is more confirmed. There is zero fear of death, just bad drivers.