It appears Win Butler is a piece of shit


via Pitchfork


and yuck


this sounds oddly familiar, ala ryan adams…sound about right? am i right?


Never trust anyone in a band where someone plays a glockenspiel without irony.




Saw that too. Could help but think “yeah” he’s got a smarmy vibe. Still a bit of a surprise from Bono Lite.


Well, I am sure that the “woke/cancel culture” crowd would lock me up and throw away the key for things i did in my youth. Back then, it was called partying and hitting on chicks. No woman objected to my behavior , although I gained a somewhat unsavory reputation towards the end of the club & druggy days. My point is that there is a group of people seeking to destroy & ostracize people that do not “think and act like them.” That is how fascism takes hold. Nowadays, if i approached a girl and said “hey i really dig those boots ur wearing, whats ur name?” some girls would call me a sexist misogynist!! Somehow, it has become “evil” in todays society to be male and display any kind of masculinity. There are many females out there that need constant attention & validation from outside sources; the kind with a histrionic personality type. When they do not get what they want from a particular individual, they turn on them with outlandish claims & stories of misconducts, neglect, emotional, sexual, and physical abuse. This is more common now than ever. We are dealing with a society of petulant little children that whine and cry that you’re not acting “how you’re supposed to” (aka “the way they want you to”). I am not claiming that this is 100% the case with all these stories coming out, but it is important to see another perspective. [OMG I have an opinion that differs from current “cultural climate” narratives … I must be castrated and burned alive]. Besides, most media & news is made up stories anyway.


OMG the ‘females that need constant attention & validation’ don’t get me started.

You clown. Welcome to FS.


Oh My God, you’re so awesome! Please send me pictures of your massive (assuming this because of your post) cock right away so that I may worship it.



Why have we been attracting toxic spam bots recently? Did Ry-ry’s business manager suggest a new investment strategy?


Crom does not approve.


sounds like you’re still the problem. you’ve decided the narrative before it’s even started. how about you take your whining and crying and fuck off? asking for my friends.


Hey guys! Looks like we got our first Russian bot!

And here I am without my good slacks on.


Is that a euphemism for you not wearing any pants? Asking for @thebalvenie.


Sheesh … thanks for being so “inclusive and welcoming.” I was only trying to provide a different perspective … guess thats a no-no here.


Also , whats with all the negativity ?


I wasn’t asking for your approval… but i appreciate the sentiment. At least we are all free to speak our minds here.


So, no cock pics for me?


Here you go.