It appears Win Butler is a piece of shit


not sure what you expected in a post that calls out the apparent mishaps of win butler’s piece of shit behaviors…?

also, i like how you flip the script in your personal life and online and make yourself to be both hero and victim.

sounds like you have some work to do…and maybe you should still fuck off?


amen!!! preach!


i give up…what’s with all the negativity? or is there no punchline?


Is… are you… is this Ryan Adams?


Once in a while someone comes along that makes me really miss Meade.


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Spoiler alert, the tenders are on full display but the kielbasa has been tastefully disguised.




Ok… i never said i was a “victim” or “hero” of anything. I guess that is your loose interpretation of what i was saying. It is totally cool, though. Also, i said very little of my personal life but it seems like you know a lot about it, so please elaborate!! I am very thick-skinned, not some mentally/emotionally fragile tween , so please keep it coming… I will happily “fuck off” now, as you so eloquently put it.


Hey @nick I really dig those boots ur wearing, whats ur name?


speaking of eloquence . . . look what the cat dragged in…


You received an unsavory reputation for doing things as innocuous as complimenting a woman’s boots? Maybe I’m simplifying here or maybe you’re full of shit.


I’m thinking he mis-typed “boobs”


There are many males out there that need constant attention & validation from outside sources; the kind with a histrionic personality type.


I never said that. I guess people will inevitable read things out of context to prove a point. I was giving an example of what today’s society is like by giving the “complementing shoes” example and it was purposefully hyperbolic. Second, all i said was that i gained an unsavory reputation towards the end of my partying and clubbing days… make of that what you will. It is so unreal that people will read what they want to, not what is actually there. Most of the world lives in a mental fantasy land of their own creation, so i don’t know why I am so surprised at these responses.


I appreciate the cheekiness of your reply, however unoriginal it may be. Later gator


This board seems to be filled with the same 5 or 6 people that do nothing but mentally masturbate each other’s egos all day long… Thanks but NO THANKS!!!


That’s totally incorrect. I’m here to learn how to blow myself and you seem to be an expert.


I’m convinced. It’s definitely Ryan Adams.


I am talented but not THAT talented.


Belief in something without proof is definitely a sign of mental illness.