It appears Win Butler is a piece of shit


Do you sleep with your belly gem in at night or do you keep it on your nightstand with your ED medication?


Actually, I think that @mutineer has projectile vomited after reading my posts at least two or three times.


How terrifically passive aggressive of you. Cheers!


And Meade, you’re still a cunt.


Oh come on, are you sure?




Boy, that was a close one! We almost had a new member.

Good work, everybody!


You know I don’t ACTUALLY want Meade back, right?


It’s a love hate thing for me. I love to roast him but hate myself later.


Yeah, but both times that happened it was with a belly full of rest stop gravy. So it’s difficult to say if the posts had all that much to do with it.


@saf is right. This is the tweet which convinced me.

What better description of Ryan Adams is there than “I am talented but not THAT talented.”


Where is the doormat that advertises this place as “inclusive and welcoming”?



I have never been more insulted in all my life than when I read this.


Try not to pee in the lobby when you come into a new place. May improve your welcome.


Do not think “inclusive” and “welcoming” have been keywords in the branding strategy for the forum. The consultants have worked more with “testy” and “hard-nosed”.


I might be in the minority, but I kinda like the new guy.


Listen, you buried the lede by not telling us immediately that English was your second language.


I had to google the lede part.


The only way to know for sure is to ask if he’s ever gone down on a woman.


Wait, I think we have been approaching this from the wrong end, people. Who made a comeback on social media yesterday - the very same day! - and is the only one who can start off aconversation with complete strangers with a topic like that? No coincidence, I say.

Mr Trump, is that you?