It's Canadian Thanksgiving


I am feeling thankful. A year ago I didn’t know what the fuck was going on. I had another blood test last week and everything was great. I live in a fucking country where I had access to one of the top cancer hospitals in the world and it didn’t cost me a dime. I am back working permanently at a government liquor store and feeling great. I even took a quick 3 day trip to Montreal and had a great time. I am thankful for the woman I know in Montreal. She is the sweetest person you could want to meet, intelligent, beautiful and she runs a microbrewery. How perfect is that? Too bad she is 25 years younger than me, but we have this great friendship and we can talk for hours about life and anything. We spent an awsome day together. I guess I am in a mood tonight. Even without the covid it’s been a year unlike anything I can remember. I could go on but I doubt anyone has made it this far. But fuck it, things do get better. You just can’t give up.




Happy you’re still with us.


Me too.
Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving, man! I’m glad you’re in a mood!


… and down here it’s just Turkey Taco Tuesday.

Glad to have you around, and for a good long time.