Jake Kershaw at the Fretboard Festival


Every year Kalamazoo has the Fretboard Festival at the museum. They have guitar builders from all over the area and a lot of free workshops and music. Today I saw this 16-year-old kid play with his band and shot this video. Pretty amazing, especially since he said he’s been sick all week.


Pretty fucking cool. He reminds me of Jonny Lang




I like that firebird.


That Firebird is brand new. He also played an old Les Paul and a older strat.

He is a nice kid.

We talked about an upcoming gig he has in support of some national/regional act in Grand Rapids. He said it was going to be tough because it was on a school night.


Jake has come a long way in this last year. He’s playing big venues and opening up for national acts now.

He’s still got a couple more years of high school, but he’s going places.

Here’s a shot of him playing his custom Heritage.

Photo credit: Derek Ketchum


This year’s Fretboard Festival was great too.

Highlights for me were May Erlewine and the Moxie Strings.

Photos courtesy of Derek Ketchum Photography.


I went to the Heritage Guitar get-together and factory tour today. Jake Kershaw, the high school kid from down the road demo’d a few of their guitars during the tour.


My friend Arnie that worked at Heritage for many years built this custom Flying V that he brought out later. He built a baffled sound hole into the upper wing (you can barely see it in my lousy photo). I designed the Embrrs logo for him that he had etched onto a piece of brass for the headstock.

Jake played this guitar at Ribfest Thursday night during a ZZ Top medley.