Jason isbell announces new album and 5 nights at The Ryman



This could be a big one… I just have the feeling he’s been gathering real momentum.

I’d love to see him play there. How amazing would that be…


I already have tickets to see him play this Summer so I doubt I’m going to try for The Ryman shows.
But a new album and a live album sound great! :slight_smile:


Amazing… a long wait till June though.



I’m putting my money on them including Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’ on the live album. They smash that one every time. Great guitar work all round, from Jason and the unit.


Exciting news


LB, is this the first time that Amanda has been officially part of the 400 Unit? She played the solos shows I’ve been at for sure. But this is a band album this time and it looks from the cover she’s fully in it \m/


first thought…


I think the only albums he’s made since she’s been with him have been billed as Jason Isbell only.
No band name on the last 2 albums. Not sure why it’s different, maybe they weren’t involved in the writing of those last 2 albums. They were always the band who toured with him. And I’ve seen her with them and without them at different times over the last 3-4 years.


Have you seen Amanda play most of a set at a unit show? I’ve seen her play with and without them at Jason Isbell shows. It’s good she seems to be official now for this band album. She adds a lot.


does she add a lot or is she sleeping with one of them? :pill:


Yeah, Chad I think…


So, not working with Ryan as producer on Southeastern has paid dividends.


That’s not sexist at all…


I’ve seen her play as a member of the band for the full show many times. She really adds a lot, agreed.


My cousin just sent me this:
“Dude on the board sat next to John prine on a flight and said the new Isbell was going to blow everyone away.”


Whoop! That’s what I want to hear.

That that teaser clip is a true representation of the class to come


I saw the track list somewhere and I don’t think that was the Stones song for some reason…although I agree, he kills that riff like no one since mick taylor.


Great news! :smiley: