Jason isbell announces new album and 5 nights at The Ryman



Man, he’s doing a lot of covers.


I hate that setlist.fm lists songs as covers if they’re not by the exact same name as the name on the album. They do the same thing with Ryan/Cardinals. So stupid.






I haven’t heard of him playing The Magician very often. I’ve always liked that one.



I read Sturgill Simpson joined him on stage. That’s awesome.


He’s doing it again!!


Free stream this weekend. I won’t be able to watch bc coincidently I’ll be seeing Drive-By Truckers Saturday night.


He looks a lot better without the beard…


Pretty sure that’s an old picture.
I don’t mind the beard but it doesn’t suit him like it does some men.


Yeah I figured it was an older one, and I agree. Love a beard, like Father John, but doesn’t suit Mr I!


God, I remember the thread @WillieCash started at the dot org about being a beard man or having pubes on your face. It left me insecure about my beard to this day.


crotch face!


Is that an invitation?


invitation…for irritation.


bring the pubes, i’ll bring the beer and you can owe me later.


Isbell played Little Wing last night!! :purple_heart:


Still with the pubes in the face.