Jason isbell announces new album and 5 nights at The Ryman


I thought Last of My Kind kind of plays on the charm of To the Band that I Loved. I always thought the line “I thought everyone like me was dead” was killer so hearing the sentiment again, I don’t know.


my immediate thought as well.


also adore that line…didn’t mind hearing a whole song about it. while kind of upbeat in nature, the content is pretty downtrodden. really like the song. some clever lyrical turns.


I still like Tupelo best.

setlist from Night 1 at The Beacon last night looked real good. Including Elephant. I wonder how much he will mix it up over the 3 nights there. Hope he does more than usual for the people who go multiple nights. will find setlist:
Jason Isbell at Beacon Theatre
Jun 22, 2017New York, NY
Cumberland Gap
Hope the High Road
24 Frames
Decoration Day
White Man’s World
Alabama Pines
Flying Over Water
Last of My Kind
Cover Me Up
If It Takes a Lifetime
If We Were Vampires
Whipping Post

videos here:


Just saw them on CBS This Morning.

Cumberland Gap sounded excellent.

Came back after the commercials in the middle of Hope The High Road for 15 seconds, then cut it off for more commercials - all drug ads, because it is a CBS show.

They will probably play another song on air.

John Moreland next week!

Ended with If We Were Vampires. Great!


I gave this album every chance. I listened to it at least a dozen times. What I discovered was that it diminished over time for me. It’s not spectacular. It’s not on par with the previous albums and is the weakest of the 3 “& the 400 Unit” studio albums. And it’s still better than most of DRA’s output in the past decade.


more videos here:



Anyone ever been to a show at Grimey’s new/used record store?


I’ve been to the store. Not sure doing shows there is a regular thing. I think that was an isbell special on the day the new album came out. Maybe they do a lot though.


They’re not a weekly occurrence, but they do them often enough.


Nice interview with him on PBS Newshour tonight (6/27).


By the way- that’s a pretty damn good clip.

The vocals with Amanda set this track and album apart for my tastes. Wouldn’t that be great if they could get a Gram and Emmyou kind of thing going with some tight old time harmonies.


I like where your head is Dougo


So no one saw Newshour?


Not yet

It’s on my list


A lot of the new songs being played. I’m happy to see Stockholm on there still. My show in Cincinnati is Saturday night!!


Jason Isbell at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion
Jun 27, 2017
•Boston, MA

Hope the High Road
24 Frames
Decoration Day 
White Man’s World
Traveling Alone
Chaos And Clothes
Cumberland Gap
The Life You Chose
Last of My Kind
Flying Over Water
Cover Me Up
If It Takes a Lifetime
Something More Than Free
Never Gonna Change 

If We Were Vampires
Whipping Post 


Sweet set. Maybe a touch shorter than usual?


not sure. Article said they ran over curfew too. Maybe there was bad weather or something that delayed them starting.
Supposed to be raining on Saturday. Venue is outside but under cover completely, just open on the sides.
My seats are front row behind the pit! :slight_smile:


You are a total ninja for good tickets. Well done.


My cousin and Uncle are in the pit tonight in Maryland. Sadly just about the same setlist every night but I have no doubt the performance is excellent.