Jason isbell announces new album and 5 nights at The Ryman


Looks like the little light display behind him is the inlay on his signature Martin.


Also a tattoo he and Amanda have. Was part of his set last tour too but not as big.

Here’s a pic I took at the show here about a year ago:


Killed it!!


Very nice. And you got outfit.


Yeah. I kinda would’ve preferred a different old song just bc I’ve seen outfit at every show. But it was still great.

Two songs I really don’t like are Codeine and Super 8. So I used those to go to the bathroom and get more water. My seats were nice and close but to the extreme right. Next time I’ll go for closer to center but it sounded incredible. He’s really upgraded his sound and lighting over the years. Band is perfect. Jason sings and plays perfectly as well. They just don’t improvise or change the set hardly at all night to night so there’s no need to go to multiple shows.

My cousin went the night before in Maryland. I said to him, if I get anything changed from your setlist I hope I get Tupelo, Chaos & Clothes and Stockholm. I got two of three! :slight_smile: very happy. Great great show!! Encore was really incredible.


And to think some people said he’s never gonna change the set list.


He ain’t never gonna change, he ain’t doing nothing wrong…


Spent some listening time with this on the long weekend, so I think I have a handle on it…Last of My Kind is not as bad as I 1st thought, some great lyrics. Whenever I get to the end of the CD I can’t remember anything about Tupelo. Everything else has settled in a lot better than I expected - my top trax are Vampires, Hope The High Road, Cumberland Gap & Anxiety (and I suspect Molotov might sneak in there). The others I would describe as good songs from a talented songwriter. Hey, nobody hits a bulls-eye every time. I doubt it will have the legs of Southeastern, but comparing the 2 is kinda pointless imo. I’d give it 7.5 out of 10. Hope Whipping Post is still in the encore by late August.


funny story about super 8…me and a buddy saw him in rochester a few years ago, ate way too many edibles and ended up about 4 rows back (standing room only show)…there was this annoying couple on their phones the whole time who only looked up between songs to yell “super 8” and then go back to facebook or whatever…they got into a fight and she left out the back door with him chasing her…as soon as they exited they broke into super 8…CLASSIC


Ha. As if it was planned!!

By far the worst song on that album.


They do give that song their all when they play it. They believe in it. I don’t though :slight_smile:


not a “lyrical masterpiece” for sure but a damn good southern blues jam


Interview with Charlie Rose


maybe i’ll get around to watching this…



it was good, just watched it here.


He’s become the Mayor of Americana!


He played on a bill with Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, and Cheryl Crow last night at the Joe in Detroit.


Some poor bastard ordered the vinyl, to be delivered to a mailbox in Arizona…in the summer.


What kind of moran would do something like that? Surely no one you know…


All my favorite artists I have made a Favorites Mix over the years. So I’d have a go-to when I’m in the mood for that artist and have all my favorite songs in one mix.

Can’t believe I never made an Isbell Mix!
So I started a list of my own and will work on this this weekend. Maybe a studio one and a Live one.

If it was you though, which 2-3 songs would you say MUST be on there?