Jason isbell announces new album and 5 nights at The Ryman


Alabama Pines
Dress Blues
Razor Town
Cover Me Up

It’s hard to write a short list, so these 6


All would be on mine too! :slight_smile:
I found I did make one a few years ago before Southeastern came out. It surely needs updating!


I always liked The Magician from the first album, but never hear that song played live or mentioned much.


Live Oak
Decoration Day


The Magician and Live Oak will be considered to make the final cut!
All others mentioned would be on mine for sure too!


just post-dbt material?


definitely not. I’ve got Danko, GD Lonely Love, Decoration Day and Outfit on there


Naturally I had way too many songs to fit on one 80 minute disc.
Going to make a 2nd live mix and will include live versions of a song or 3 I cut from first disc…


When The Well Runs Dry


so crazy that didn’t end up on a record but i guess they had too much stuff floating around for the dirty south. love that song so much.


also love never gonna change for a good sinister rocker but i’ve noticed you’re the mellow type lol


I am, but I like that song and it’ll probably be on the live disc!! :guitar::guitar:


Anybody can become a Texan these days


i’d crumple that up and piss on it and then pay monkey to store it in his lockers


This. Fucking stupid.


Exactly, who would want to become a Texan?


The fact that Texans think other people want to be a ‘Texan’ is laughable.



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