Jason isbell announces new album and 5 nights at The Ryman


yeah, maybe youtube will still have it in the morning?


I’ll look for that, good call. Playing at a festival tomorrow afternoon here…


What a class act…


Fucking love that guy!!!


I love when people do that shit! Isbell is a hell of a guy!

In all the reading I did about Tom Petty recently it sounds like he used to reserve a few rows or something at every show just so he can give them away to fans in need.


First time I saw Tom Petty it was when he was selling tickets for 10 bucks. This was 26 years ago or more.


Sounds very good
But Super 8


Really great show by Jason at the Ryman.

American Girl rocked hard!


Was it just me or did he change some lyrics to his songs tonight?


It’s weird you say that bc what I said was that I noticed some words I never noticed before, probably bc I could see his mouth up more closely than usual. And I never knew what the words were at that spot.


Another thing I noticed was no DBT songs and no songs from his albums before Southeastern.

Edit: except codeine. I try to forget about that one. :stuck_out_tongue:


Restringing the guitar, looking forward to this gig. Great atmosphere as the whole town is taken over by scruffy musicians like me


I like those Elixir strings.

Break a leg.


I really think he was trying to put his best foot forward for this particular gig/night.

American Girl is the Petty cover that that band just nails so perfect.

I missed the beginning, so I wasn’t sure which songs I missed… think I came onboard during Codein.


Thanks man. Sat in the venue now, micro pub and their own beer is fantastic. Gonna be a slightly wet one…


24 Frames
Hope the High Road
Different Days
How toForget
The Life You Chose
The Cumberland Gap
Songs That She Sang in the Shower
Cover Me Up
If It Takes a Lifetime
Super 8
Speed Trap Town
Relatively Easy
Flying Over Water

If We Were Vampires
American Girl (Tom Petty cover)

Some notes: really nice to hear a lot of southeastern songs that don’t get as much play lately. Especially Different Days. I love Tupelo. I didn’t love the last album much except for one song which he didn’t play Children of Children. A few of the songs he did play last night are among my least favorite songs, yet overall this was a really great show. Loved the TP cover. He’s been starting the encore all the other nights with TP song but I like that he ended the show with it since that’s how Tom Petty always ended his shows.

Really very nice of him to offer a free stream of one of the Ryman shows!!!


Yes! It was great to be able to hear this band in that setting.

Songs She Sang in the Shower was a nice surprise to hear, among a few others… but a few older gems would have been nice.

I thought his set list was pretty well thought out- definitely featuring Amanda’s talents.


Came home excited to listen to the show, but the internet was down… :frowning:


Final Totals:
Night 1: 19 songs. TP cover: Refugee
Night 2: 19 songs: 9 repeats and 10 new. TP cover: You Wreck Me
Night 3: 20 songs: 12 repeats and 8 new songs. TP cover: Room at the Top
Night 4: 19 songs: 13 repeats and 6 new. TP cover: American Girl
Night 5: 19 songs: 13 repeats and 6 new. TP cover: Listen To Her Heart
Night 6: 20 songs: 16 repeats and 4 new. TP cover: You Got Lucky

some notes:
5 songs were played all 6 nights: If We Were Vampires, 24 Frames, Cumberland Gap, Hope The High Road and Cover Me Up.

Not much DBT: Never Gonna Change: 3 times. Danko/Manuel: 1 time. Outfit: 2 times. Decoration Day: 2 times. God Damn Lonely Love: 1 time

A Bust out I would have loved to hear: In a Razor Town