Jason isbell announces new album and 5 nights at The Ryman


I cannot see them.


i cannot see the tata’s neither


Jason Isbell just announced a bunch of dates this spring with Richard Thompson supporting!


I hadn’t seen these videos… really good acoustic performances by Jason, with Amanda and Emmylou.





Ryman Night 1:


I like this Live at the Ryman live album.

Makes me appreciate his lyrics even better.

Having seen him in concert maybe three times since Southeastern came out, it is interesting to hear how these songs have evolved in concert. It is certainly a luxury to have such a tight band that can go pretty much any direction required… even though his band doesn’t really do much improvisation - these arrangements have been carefully crafted. Amanda’s and the band’s contributions really shine on this record, which I’m sure is no accident.

His voice sometimes bothers me a bit when he seems to shout during some of the more harder rock tunes… having said that, it maybe punctuates the fact that he truly means what he’s singing.

He’s been my favorite artist since even before these last three studio albums. With every release he seems to get even better.


The version of “Cover Me Up” from this album is so damn good.


agree and i really like this version of flagship.


Still haven’t played it. I’ve heard nothing but great things.


Ryman night 2. Check out that encore!!


Little Wing!!!

I’d love to hear their version of that one.



Man, he’s doing a lot of covers.


I hate that setlist.fm lists songs as covers if they’re not by the exact same name as the name on the album. They do the same thing with Ryan/Cardinals. So stupid.






I haven’t heard of him playing The Magician very often. I’ve always liked that one.