Jason isbell announces new album and 5 nights at The Ryman


Jason and Amanda will be on the food network, Trishas Southern Kitchen, at noon today if you’re interested.



Unfortunately they cut the performance. It’s a great little song, especially since I have daughters too.


I’m headed out to my local record store to pick up the new Isbell/400 unit album. Gotta support musicians I love and the only record store we have left in town.




I can’t wait.


Are all of them dreamsicle color vinyl, or just a few?


I think just the ones at the record stores only. I had heard just pre-orders, but I called the store and they said they had one left so I bought it and picked it up at the door.


Well how is it???


And has it leaked yet?



Didn’t see it last night. Will be checking today.


Check yo dropbox, friends!


It’s very, very good. Better than the last one, for sure. The songwriting in particular. The production sounds a little clinical in places. Overall very good though. I still have a ticket to see him play in August at Wrigley, but I don’t believe that will happen.




I don’t think I have access to the Dropbox anymore. Where did you find it, LB?


The sticker on the front of the new Isbell album says High Quality digital download included, but I have no idea where or how to download it. No reference to that inside the package that I saw whatsoever. I’ve always liked to have CD versions to listen to in my car (back when I used my car).


I’ve had the tiniest slip of paper fall out with download codes before.


I wonder if maybe they just didn’t include the slip in the ones distributed to record stores a week early…


Redacted and Orpheus