Jason isbell announces new album and 5 nights at The Ryman


You want another invite?


Which is better, redacted or orpheus? Orpheus is mostly music, not as many ebooks, software and movies and such, which I miss.


This is a bit weird. It’s detailing how Isbell and his wife had marital problems during the making of this album. It’s not exactly NYTimes material:


Nice read, thanks for that. I read the NYT daily, not sure how I missed it.


If it weren’t for google having figured out what I like and giving me links to such things, I would miss a lot of news.


Yes please! Thank you!


Does anyone have a Redacted or Orpheus invite?


Nick sent Dropbox invite to your gmail that was in there from before.


Nick, I have a Redacted invite.

Same gmail address?


Yes, ma’am!


Redacted and Orpheus have about the same content. I don’t look for anything but music but I think there’s ebooks there.

We have an invite for iptorrents which has tv shows and movies. If you want pm me your email.


Sent invite. It expires in three days.


You want my gaytube account info?


I’ll let you know. :rainbow:

Is that a real thing?


That Isbell article was surprising. And very honest.

Also I didn’t realize Amanda and Neal were so close. :confused:


Thanks, LB!


I found the little piece of paper for the digital download… it was stuck way on the inside of the inner sleeve and I had to pull it out.

Unfortunately, it won’t activate until the 15th the actual release date.



This album is much better than Nashville Sound


I agree. The ham-fisted White Man’s World and high school poetry of Anxiety are gone, which is good. I still don’t like the sound that much.


I’m getting used to the sound, but overall I’m not in love with it sonically. I do like the occasional Knopfler/Gilmore sounding guitar solos.

I like it, and I think these songs will play out in concert very well.