Jason isbell announces new album and 5 nights at The Ryman


That’s some great insight. Not many songwriter do this kind of thing, giving context. Makes me want to listen to each line even more and look at each song as a kind of study on that idea. I relate it to a painter that picks his medium, his colors and his style then executes a final piece of art.

Thanks for sharing this, LB.


Finally a live stream that was enjoyable. Still not an adequate substitute for the real thing:


I watched that last night and I enjoyed it. It was at a bowling alley!


I had tickets to go to that new Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville in April. Obviously it didn’t happen.

I watched some of Jason and Amanda tonight. I will have to go back and finish it. I got through River.


The songs really shine in the acoustic arrangement, and I always enjoy the banter between the two.


Two new recordings from Jason Isbell on Bandcamp: https://jasonisbell.bandcamp.com/album/maybe-its-time-demo-b-w-alabama-sky


I downloaded both those new singles and like the demos a lot. Great songs.

I don’t like dropbox much, took me over a week to finally receive my download link. My account was set up with my old work email address and changing it was a nightmare - not sure they’ve got it figured out yet.


I love how mind-blown this guy is. I feel you, dude. I feel you! The song still gets to me. The Johnny and June glances at each other don’t hurt either.


That was sweet.




I remember hearing that back in 2011 and being blown away.


I’m a huge RT fan, and fan of Isbell as well. It’s nice to hear him do this song, but I’m not sure it’s a good fit for him in the way he did it.


There’s a great interview with Jason on The 3 Questions with Andy Richter podcast.


Sometimes I wonder if I liked him better before he turned into the preachy woke clown that he is on Twitter. Do you remember when we used to slag him on the .org about all of his military songs? What happened to that guy?


It’s really the preachy part that bothers me. It’s moral grandstanding, and it’s weird. Hey, you Alabama yahoos I grew up with, look how woke I am.


Nobody is more vocal about cigarettes than a recent non-smoker.

But at least he’s setting an example for others to follow other than the many bad examples they might have.


I think he comes off as somebody who genuinely cares, anything but a clown.

I do agree that sometimes it gets tiresome to me too hearing politics everywhere. His Twitter account is pretty balanced on content though… and it is his own, not a bunch of re-tweets.

He lets HIS opinion be known. People that do that are the most interesting to me.


I don’t think he sounds like a woke clown by denouncing the kind of people that we can all agree are assholes. He’s proud of the fact that his parents fostered respective homes that strayed from what was typical of Alabama. Nothing wrong with that.


I’m with Mutineer on this. I think Jason Isbell comes off as a bit of an asshole. He got sober & now he’s an authority on morality. How fucking original. He traded his addiction to alcohol for an addiction to social media. He seems kind of phoney to me now. Instead of catching a buzz off of booze he now gets his high from all the “likes” & “thumbs ups” he gets after denouncing others whom he judges as immoral. He reminds me of a politician now. And politicians are not to be trusted.

I still enjoy his music though. I’m gonna try to just listen to his music & not read his musings on morality & what not. When I want a sermon I’ll fucking go to church.