Jason isbell announces new album and 5 nights at The Ryman


I find virtue signaling off-putting. He’s constantly posting on Twitter how decent he is. I’m just interested in his music.


I had to google that guy…

As I’m sure lots of other people did. The ironic twist is that Jason Isbell and others mentioning him (good or bad) probably helped his twitter follower surge and Spotify uptick.


Me too. It’s reassuring that someone is keeping the mullet alive.


That’s quite commendable of him. I still find his constant posting about morality in an effort to display what a good person he is quite irritating. But, I need to cut the guy some slack too.

After some thought, I find myself feeling kind of sorry for him. I know the guy had addiction issues. And there’s usually a fair amount of self hate that goes with that. I can’t help but wonder if he’s not so much in love with his new, woke self as he might still harbor some self doubt & self hate for his old self.

And maybe his constant, moral grandstanding is him just trying to prove to others & himself that he really is a decent person. And make no mistake, he is a decent person. I would think we can all embrace his views & principles. But, I wish he could tone it down a notch or two. Make it less about himself being an upstanding, moral individual & more about the actual social issues he’s trying to raise awareness for. But, in the end he is helping raise awareness. So good on him.

He could take a lesson or two from Jeff Tweedy & Bruce Springsteen. They’re not immune from raising awareness on important social issues. But, they manage to do it in a way that doesn’t come off as preachy & putting themselves up on a high, moral pedestal for all to see. But again, maybe he’s in need of reassurance & approval.


I also changed my mind on Jason Isbell’s latest album. I felt it was a rather ho-hum affair upon first listen. I revisited it a few times and like it a lot more now.


I kind of expected to be let down when I bought his latest album… then I listened to it a few times and couldn’t deny it was pretty great. He’s an excellent songwriter, guitar player and performer. As long as he owns his own record company we won’t have to worry about the board of directors meeting to decide which cause he writes about next.

It’s just him - and maybe a bit of Amanda’s input - making career decisions, as well as writing his tweets. That in itself puts him several strides ahead of most of his Nashville peers.


Good point, @Jerry. I always have to remind myself of Lucinda Williams’s great song, based on her father’s poem: Compassion. It’s hard to remember that when something rubs you the wrong way.

For those you encounter, have compassion
Even if they don’t want it
What seems bad manners is always a sign
Always a sign, always a sign



He truly has a way with words – also love this quote from an earlier interview about the restrictions at his concerts: “I’m all for freedom, but I think if you’re dead you don’t have any freedoms at all. […] It’s probably important to stay alive before you start questioning your liberty. It’s life and then it’s liberty then it’s the pursuit of happiness. Those are in order of priority”.


New tour dates for 2022 are up, including two nights at the Palace Theater in Louisville, @LBSUNFLWR.


Cool. Thanks.


….and my Isbell show was just canceled. Shit.


He’s doing a handful of acoustic shows on the East Coast, and I was lucky to be able to arrange a work trip to coincide with that. Saw him last night at Rutgers. Absolutely fantastic show. He had Amanda Shires and his guitar player, Sadler Vaden, with him. Last time I saw him play an acoustic show was without Amanda, and she adds so much to this setup. Really great. They played Pancho and Lefty, and also Mutineer, just for me. I should have figured out how to add more days to this work trip and see a few more.


Did we ever discuss that Isbell had Dave Cobb remix his second and third albums? They sound really different, and I don’t like it. It seems that amazon prime replaced the old versions with the new ones, and I had to dig out my old mp3 files to listen to them properly.


Had completely missed that – muchas gracias for pointing it out. They sound different. Spontaneously, I would say that it is an improvement, though. Do you know if it is only on streaming or if the albums also were reissued on cd/vinyl with the new mix?


His online store only sells the remixes.


I will come knocking there. The new mixes gelled with me.


I don’t like change.


Think Joseph Heller said “all change is for the worse”.


“Soldiers Get Strange” sounds crap now, though.
Now I see that the remasters were already out in 2019. Christ, I am clueless nowadays. Also both on vinyl and cd, apparently.


I’m glad I bought those CD’s when they came out… before they whitewashed history.