Jason isbell announces new album and 5 nights at The Ryman


Yes, I think it’s strange if artists make major changes to albums later on. Both Robert Earl Keen and Steve Earle re-released albums with tracks in a different order. In both cases they said that the producer forced them to release the tracks in an order they didn’t like. Just as with the two Jason Isbell albums, I find it very hard to listen to them in the new version. I hate change.



Thanks for that.
Most enjoyable!



We saw Isbell for his first night at the Ryman. It was wonderful. He signed my copy of Southeastern.


That’s excellent. I’m seeing the three last shows there. I’m very excited.


And how crazy is it that Southeastern is almost ten years old? Goddamn.


jesus! that’s nuts!


Compared to fishing in Mongolia or just in general?


the fact it’s been 10 years since that album has been out!


Right. I misunderstood.


So how was the show?


Fantastic. This was the night that Amanda Shires opened. Her set was great, and then she joined Jason for the second half of his set. They played Codeine, which I like a lot but isn’t played very much anymore. I’m hoping for some more rarities, maybe something from the second album like Streetlights. That’s really my main reason for coming to the Ryman shows: hoping to hear some things they don’t generally play on the road these days

That said, I don’t think he managed to keep the assholes out. The people behind me kept talking through Amanda’s set.


Glad it was a good show! I’m jealous you got “Cross Bones Style” and “Speedtrap Town.”


I also love Speed Trap Town.


It was interesting that they played “Flagship,” since Amanda takes a shot at that song on her new album.


Another great show. Six of the songs were from Nashville Sound. And then Stockholm, Elephant, Flying over Water, and Cover Me Up from Southeastern. Looking forward to the final show tonight.


The Afro-Cuban funk band who Isbell invited to open the show caused a major meltdown by inviting a bunch of overweight middle-aged Isbell fans onstage without warning security. It was fucking hilarious. An old guy on his seventies wearing a suit climbed the stage to dance, and security was freaking out.



Hahaha! That’s wonderful!