Jason isbell announces new album and 5 nights at The Ryman


Last night was again really great. He played Outfit and Something to Love. Great three nights. My first time at the Ryman.


??? how so?


I saw that they broke out Metallica’s “Sad But True” for the first time. I’m glad all of your shows were awesome.


Her last album, Take it like a man, is about a pretty bad rough patch they had. On Fault Lines, she sings, “And the character you wrote yourself out to be / The flagship / All part of my fooling.”


The Ryman is an incredible venue.


I’m really disappointed that the board software didn’t give me a DEI badge for typing the words “Afro-Cuban funk band.” Can some admin work on that? Thanks.


I’m starting to think that Speedtrap Town could be his best song. “There’s no one left to ask if I’m alright” is such a devastating line.


It is hard to disagree with that! It kind of astounds me that he doesn’t play it more often. That’s how I felt about “Dear Chicago” and “Cannonball Days”. It is a perfectly written song. I sort of feel the same way about “Streetlights”


Totally agree with all four of those. I really wanted him to play Streetlights at the Ryman, but alas. I’ve been lucky and got Speedtrap Town several times over the years, but it’s only sunk in how great it is this past week. I’m slow on the uptake, I guess.


Goddamn Lonely Love is another one. This is a nice recording, except for the dad jeans:


This is great.


GD Lonely Love was my first favorite Isbell song. It’s hard to top.


“I ain’t really falling asleep, I’m fading to black”

Goddamn. I said GODDAMN.


I like “You could come to me by plane / but it wouldn’t be the same / as that old hotel room in Texarkana was.” I’ve never been to Texarkana, but I understand the sentiment.


And I always like the solo versions with Amanda:


Speaking of Streetlights


I mean, “Close your eyes and remember this. It won’t be back again, it’s almost gone /
Even times that don’t seem like much will be your only crutch when you’re alone.” Jesus H Fucking Christ.


Amanda is immensely talented. They should do a duets record and solo tour.


Agreed. When I saw Isbell solo this past April, it was with Amanda and Sadler Vaden, and it was my favorite ever show with him, I think. For my money, the 400 Unit is always better when Amanda is in the band.


I just have to say that

I’m glad I can’t go back to where I came from
I’m glad those days are gone, gone for good
But if I could take spirits from my past and bring’ 'em here
You know I would, you know I would

is brilliant. Carry on.