Jason isbell announces new album and 5 nights at The Ryman


So you can shout numnuts and Outfit between every song! Even after they’ve played it.


damn he’s going EVERYWHERE!! We all get to see him! :blush: :airplane: :heartpulse:





Even Missoula! God help them. The loudest crowd in the north.


He was just here last week. The venue is literally in front of my workplace. Saw the tour bus, wondered who it belonged to. Realized a few days later it was his.


Did they drop 800 lbs of poop on your lawn?


This whole town is covered in shit.






That’s an incredible song.


Agreed, really liked that one and Hope the High Road.
I am not really liking Cumberland Gap much.

can’t wait to hear the full album though and I’m seeing him July 1st so hope to hear some of them live too!!


Wow Vanpires is an amazing song. Exceptional lyrics. Maybe the best for me in this regard in a number of years.


pretty much perfect.


Well that Vanpires song was the push I needed to go ahead and preorder the vinyl. I’ve listened to it 30 times




Hoping for more of the quality of Vampires. Maybe setting my hopes too high as that’s one killer sing

If he picks up the resonator at the next show you’re at, be sure to shout for Free Bird


After 2 full listens all the way through I don’t think it’s a stretch to say The Nashville Sound will be my #1 album of the year.


Has it been officially released yet?


June 16th


i’ve pre-ordered on itunes when it was time and then ordered a cd on amazon a while back

so glad to have this and crank it up in the truck.

like i said…

Jason Isbell is the ryan adams i always wanted. this is a 3rd fantastic album in a row from this man.

well done