Jason isbell announces new album and 5 nights at The Ryman


good interview I read:


I love those photographs.

I’m not fond of the text jumping around while I’m trying to read something, however.

Maybe I’ll past it into a document so I can actually read it.


It did that to me too when I was reading on Twitter but I managed. Worth reading.


$800 shoes.


I tried again and gave up again, this time I was on my phone.

Fuck Garden and Gun magazine anyway. There’s no way I would ever have read or looked at that magazine if they wouldn’t have featured my favorite musician… and even that was made to be so annoying to the user that it just isn’t worth it.

How any advertiser could possibly create ads in content that make it impossible to digest that content is unimaginable. Both on mobile and desktop, I can’t read for more than 15 seconds without having to re-find my place.

Whoever made the decision to display their ads in that manner on their site should be fired.


I know. I had hesitation reading a magazine called Garden and Gun when I first heard of it a few months ago bc of a Tedeschi Trucks interview. They suck. But it’s still a good interview with Isbell.




This is a good one


thanks. will read now.


Here’s his poster telling Nashville what’s up!


as if they didn’t know!!

“Momma wants to change that Nashville sound, but they’re never gonna let her.”


I just bought the vinyl less than an hour ago. Still have not listened to this album.


it is all I have listened to for the last 2 weeks. would love to hear your thoughts after you’ve played it 5-6 times!
it goes fast…


Will do. You.know him oppinionative about certain artists… :slight_smile:

It says a greatbdealnthat I bought his vinyl w/o hearing any of the album previously; meanwhile, I’m keeping the chain latched as Ryan Adams is setting outside begging to come in.


That video for Vampires in the studio was exceptional!!!
I’ll be seeing them live 2 weeks from today!! :slight_smile: This song will be high on the list of what I want to hear that night!


Okay, so several listens in…this album is…okay.

It’s not bad, really. Better than most of what DRA has offered in a decade. Still not the greatest from what I would call Jason Isbell’s Sober Comeback Trilogy. Highlights for me we 2 of the obvious choices, Cumberland Gap and If We Were Vampires. The real gem of this album and obvious sad open letter to Ryan Adams is Chaos and Clothes. Something To Love is pretty and every bit something you’d expect from Isbell. hope The High Road and Tupelo are just okay and Last Of My Kind is just “eh”. Anxiety and White Man’s World are kind of awful (lol).

I’ll add a few of these songs to my music player but as a collection this album is far from the caliber of Southeastern and Something More Than Free.


I was not really that into Something More Than Free. I think this is better. And I disagree about which are the good songs and which are the weaker songs.

To me the highlights are #3,4 and 5: Tupelo, White Man’s World and If We Were Vampires. Also love “Chaos and Clothes” and also definitely felt it was about Ryan. And also really like Hope The High Road. And pretty good are: Something to Love and Molotov. Last of My Kind is good but it’s just missing something. My 2 least favorite are Cumberland Gap and Anxiety.


I wont argue on any of your choices. It’s a decent album as opposed to that flaming shit box, prisoner.


I’ve listened to this everyday for the last 2 weeks. I am going to take a break for a few days and then revisit but this is how I’ve felt pretty much since first listen. I do think this will be my favorite album of the year but also think there are a few songs that aren’t as good as they could be.


It’s a good album, and I like the gatefold vinyl. He’s doing good work, but I wonder where he can go to further what he has. I don’t expect or want him to change just for the sake of change. But even after Neil’s ditch trilogy, he had some dry times before he did something great again.

But Freedom was fucking great. Stellar from start to finish.