Jason isbell announces new album and 5 nights at The Ryman


Still, Isbell’s output is strong.


I bought the vinyl on Friday night and haven’t gotten around to listening to that yet. But I do love it.

It is his first “band” album in a long time and definitely the best one by the 400 Unit.

He can’t help it for setting the bar so fucking high. I think this record sits comfortably aside the other two most recent ones. It is also quite an accomplishment to move forward without repeating himself… and he’s doing it on his own independent label, while collaborating with his wife without it seeming forced.

Plus, he seems like a great guy.


I am liking the album… still can’t top Southeastern but that would be hard. I feel lit has a similar sound to Something More Than Free which I also liked.

Interesting take on Chaos and Clothes… I had listened multiple times and didn’t catch your take untill reading this. The Obvious references are “Black Metal Tshirt” and “Love is hell” are there more that I missing? The line “wrapped your 67 GTO around and Oak tree” has me perplexed.

Favorites for me (I guess Im a weirdo) Tupelo, Anxiety, Hope The High Road & Something to love. I don’t know why but We Were Vampires is just ok for me; I think he set the bar so high with Cover Me Up any other ballad just won’t cut it.


I’ve listened to it a few times. There are some really nice songs on there but some of it feels rehashed. Some squirmy cliches on there too. It seems like he’s caught in that nashville songwriting loop. He’s not contemporary country but has a lot in common with it. There’s definite truck commercial stuff here. That said, he has an incredible voice.


Yes. What Inky said exactly.


I felt the truck commercial thing more on the last album.

And chaos and clothes: yes exactly the black metal tshirt and love is hell. And the fact that he went through a divorce. And maybe it’s not about Ryan but it sure seemed it to me. Even the name all the monsters you killed line.

And the line about the man she replaced you with.
"The man she chose to take your place
Turns his collar up to better frame his face"
Maybe a jab at the very vanilla singer from Dawes who was Mandy’s next boyfriend and likely still is.


burning ferris wheel

all the monsters you’ve slayed

(i see monsters)


i also think last of my kind and tupelo are fantastic, but i also grew up in rural ohio so…


I like both of them also and grew up in OH. Must be an ohio thing…lol


I’ve known many people from Ohio. Do you have all of your fingers and toes? You don’t perhaps have an identical twin that you’ve “done things with”, do you?


all 18 fingers and toes accounted for good sir


Snoozefest. Has anyone listened to the new Steve Earle already? Is it good?


I think Vampires will remain the best track for me, but I’ve already listened to Tupelo at least 10 times more often. It’s like an easy chair or your favourite jacket … …in a very similar way to Somehow, Someday on Gold.


Your brother was the first-born, got ten fingers and ten toes
And it’s a damn good thing cause he needs all twenty to keep the closet door closed.


Last of My Kind is a favorite of mine. Tip of the hat to Mr. Prine.


This is the Truck Commercial track for me.


Just because so many cuntery singers borrow John Prine’s phrasing.

One of the things I like about Jason Isbell is every one of his songs has meaning. He only writes a song when he has something to say. He doesn’t just write throw-aways for a joke or lame-ass tunes based around a guitar sound just because he can.

I think the stint in the Truckers he did taught him something about songwriting and showed him what he wanted to do - and what he didn’t want to do.


It’s firmly in the queue. Will let you know when I get to it.


Also, as much as I like the song chaos and clothes, it sounds (literally :smiley: ) like Like Elliot Smith and Conor Oberst had the sex and this was their love child.


I thought u were their love child?