Jason Isbell doesn't want assholes at his shows


Good luck w/ that Jason…


They can still attend the Ryan Adams shows, however.


Or show, to be precise.


hey…watch who you call asshole, asshole!


So it’s just the 400 unit this tour?


So… Isbell is fearful of being upstaged by a member of the audience?


Well, I’m seeing Isbell next month in New Jersey, ergo I’m not an asshole.


He’s really starting to put me off his music


I can’t read his tweets anymore. I prefer the times when I didn’t know how insufferable the musicians I like are. I prefer the times before social media in general.


i don’t read his tweets either.

i do however like to read the Wendy’s tweets…fucking spot on



Can’t recall if this has already been posted on the forum – regardless of Isbell being a self-righteous social media nerd, I do think this clip is sweet:


I can’t really stand his music anymore.


He’s someone to take away his cell phone.


No one is more of a vehement non-smoker than the guy who just gave up smoking and wants you to know that.