Jeff Tweedy-Warmer RSD 2019


I picked this up yesterday & love it. Another standout from RSD is Courtney Barnett’s Everybody Here Hates You. On the back cover it reads “Dedicated to Meade from the bastards that cyber-reside over at Faithless Street.” Elvis Costello & The Imposters- Purse EP is really good too.


RSD 2019: I got a rock.


All I wanted was the Lost In Translation, the Tweedy, and the Bill Evans - all were scavenged up with the quickness.

I did end up with the Pearl Jam - Live at Easy Street (I was at Easy Street records, so ya gotta) and Mutual Benefit’s Just Another Diamond Day cover album.


That’s so bizarre about Lost In Translation! Wouldn’t have anticipated that. Still probably my favorite movie.

Looking forward to hearing Tweedy’s Warmer at some point.


I picked up Lost in Translation, Tweedy, Courtney Barnett and a bunch of other stuff including an album by Sol Seppy, which is a bit of a gem.
Out of interest, are your copies of Lost in Translation a little warped? Mine is and checked with a mate who said the same about his copy. Plays fine though.


My Courtney Barnett record was warped but played fine. The Tweedy record is perfect. Not even a single crackle.