Jessica Lea Mayfield - New Record x5 7"


Just throwing this out here in case anyone missed it and wants to get in on it.

I want to support her, she needs the money and domestic abuse is horrific, but it’s not realistic at this (one income amid Pandemic for family of four) time. Got to save them pennies for the Buzzard remaster in Q1 of 2021.


What is the Buzzard remaster?


Richard Edwards had the Margot and the Nuclear So-and-Sos album Buzzard remastered. They only did a tiny color press of it when it came out so it’s really hard to get… like I messaged anyone I thought might part with one on Discogs directly and offered way too much money and still couldn’t get it in my grubby paws hard to get. He’s planning to put the new pressing of the remastered edition out for his Patreon music club first and then sell what’s left Q1 of 2021.