Joke of the day!


I’ve heard like seven cancer jokes today…

If I hear tumor it’s gonna benign.




fuck you!


Are we good on the emojis? I chose Android emojis.


I really hate those lumpy emojis. But you’re the boss, Oh, Great Creator.


They look like Eric Cartman’s shits.



Yeah nick

I like it


Been here ten minutes and your tongue is already firmly up his ass.


Have u tried mobile monkey? It’s better than the old board


Not yet. Is this going to be the actual board or is it exclusively a test board?


Nope. This will be it if we like it. If no one does, we will scrap it.


I’m really liking it. It’s easy enough to post media and it’s got a smoother feel.

Gonna deeply miss being able to go to old posts and continuing the threads though.


Fair enough, I can appreciate that.

However, I cannot stress enough how pieced together the current board is. It’s also running on software that hasn’t been updated in years. When we decided to start that place, we chose the quickest option and for good reason. It’s getting harder to sustain that board.


Fair enough too as well also. I just wish you’d choose a more screen friendly name. I know. I know.


:innocent: are these better?


Yes. Anything would be though! :laughing::thumbsup::middle_finger:


hmm. I actually prefer Google’s emojis over Apple’s or anyone else’s. They are what come with stock Android on the Nexus devices and now the Pixel.


Do whatever, fearless leader. They just look lazy and emojitarded to me.


Ok, switched to Twitter emoji.