Josh Ritter


Best news I’ve heard all day!

Jason Isbell producing the new Josh Ritter record with The 400 Unit backing him up!


I saw him and his band a while back touring with Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit.


That is incredible news!

Though josh Ritter doesn’t make any bad albums with his own band. Wonder why he’s not using his own band?

I’ve seen josh a lot, solo and with his band. It was a great combo when he opened for Isbell.




I feel like this could very well be a nice change of direction for Ritter. His stuff is great, and I like his band too… he’ll probably still tour with them. But, changing up his sound to add a little more rock - in a good way - would be a welcome addition I think.

He is a great songwriter, and I assume he decided to seek Isbell’s production talents(?) out because he feels like some of these songs could benefit from a bit of that band’s sound.

Can’t be a bad thing in my opinion.


Definitely nothing bad can come from this collaboration. :ok_hand:t2:


I quit listening to Ritter a couple albums ago but this could bring me back. I saw Isbell teasing this on twitter the other day. Recently listened back to Starling and Animal Years. They hold up, but his songwriting just felt like it lost something after So Runs the World Away.


I wouldn’t disagree that the last three are not his best albums, but they’re definitely worth listening to! There’s some songs I could do without but still plenty of good ones too. The man is a great songwriter and performer and unquestionably the happiest man I’ve ever seen on stage.

The Temptation of Adam is my favorite Josh Ritter song.


I think Historical Conquests is the only album of his I own. I really like it a lot.


Jeez. Do you want the others? Please?


I’ll probably buy another… maybe an older one.


Actually I think I do have a copy of that newest one that I may have gotten from you… and I have listened to it. Which one, other than those two would you suggest?


Golden age of radio
The animal years
Hello starling

They each had an acoustic deluxe version where the first disc is the album and the second is the acoustic version of the songs plus some bonus songs.

Why don’t I Dropbox them tonight and you listen and then decide which one you want to purchase. :ok_hand:t2: I’d also be happy to drop a few live shows.


Yes, the one I bought did come with a bonus disc of a couple extra tracks and some live acoustic stuff.

That sounds good, thanks Lisa!


I’d like to add that my love for josh Ritter all began when I first became friends with grimlithics so many years ago. We started trading music, old school by sending cds in the mail, and he sent me all the josh Ritter albums that were available at that time.

Thank you to Bob :blush:


the deluxe albums with acoustic versions are now in the dropbox.
I highly recommend them to everyone.


Your welcome! :hugs:


Thanks to both of you!


Here’s one off his upcoming album Fever Breaks, featuring Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit.


I’m excited for this!! He’s announced a bunch of tour dates in his site as well.