Josh Ritter


None are near me except Cincinnati on a week night so I doubt I’ll go. I have seen him a lot and he’s so fun to see live. The happiest man I’ve ever seen on stage! :heart:


John Ritter’s son?




playing Chicago on a Wednesday! Probably can’t make it. I agree with LB, never seen someone so happy to be playing on stage. He puts on a great show


you’re…you’re welcome.


wait till you see nathaniel rateliff and the night sweats!!!


Are they opening?



was just shouting out loud


Get your own thread for that!




:upside_down_face: how bout you turn that frown upside down?




They are part of Willie Nelson’s Family Tour this year. I think I will be hitting that up when it gets to Dallas.


thinking back and gave it some thought…nathaniel rateliff is one of the best concerts i’ve ever seen.
saw josh ritter last year open for isbell. great concert but neither of those two could do what nathaniel did…amazing boot stomping dancing crotch bumping energy…

can someone help monkey shave his back…? i mean sack? i mean back? ohhhhhh


I had tickets to see Willie and the Family band a couple years ago and he got sick and canceled. Pretty bummed because I really wanted to see him and especially Lukas and them.

I’d love to see Promise of the Real with Lukas. Are all them touring with Nathaniel Rateliff and the old man?




Weird timing but this popped up on Instagram just now:


Speaking of producing albums for others…

I remember seeing some photos taken in the studio when Mr. Adams was producing that album for/with Willie.

There was a nice picture of “Trigger”.

Not really one of Willies best.


I really like this record!


i’ll check it out tomorrow morning on my drive in